Shopify Merchants Can Now Mint, Sell NFTs On Avalanche

The e-commerce powerhouse Shopify has revealed that its merchants can now create, mint, and trade Avalanche NFTs. With the Venly integration in place, it’s simple to manage Avalanche NFT sales at every stage, from conceptualization through fulfillment. Venly is a blockchain provider that offers a full stack of tools for integrating Web3 components, including apps, websites, and platforms into the blockchain ecosystem. It offers merchant wallets, a marketplace, and NFT tools.

How Venly makes it easy for NFT newbies and the Avalanche option

With the Venly Shopify NFT App, anyone, regardless of their technical skill level, may take advantage of the great potential presented by Web3 eCommerce. The program makes it possible for retailers to sell NFTs with “minimum technical knowledge.” Merchant-made NFTs are automatically converted into products and made available for sale on online shopfronts.

Additionally, purchasers will receive a link to a new blockchain wallet through email, so no preexisting crypto wallets are necessary. Royalties on secondary NFT trades made through the Venly Market are another revenue stream open to Shopify merchants.

During the second half of 2021, Shopify released its first NFT integration, enabling merchants to sell NFTs in-store rather than via an intermediary platform. Thus the NFT market is simplified by Venly Shopify’s built-in NFT marketplace. Shopify store owners without extensive coding experience can create and sell Avalanche NFTs using this software. Millions of Shopify store owners can now use the app following its release.

Customers will have the same pleasant experience buying and selling NFTs through Avalanche as they do now with the merchant. Transactions are completed almost instantaneously and at a low cost. Tim Dierckxsens, CEO & co-founder of Venly, stated that due to the fact that Avalanche is a blockchain that is incredibly quick, low cost, and environmentally friendly, it was a natural choice to equip businesses with an amazing NFT sales solution.