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Dax Index – We Should Not Discount a Move to 13,000

The stock market is on everyone’s lips, and the Dax index follows the price action in the United States closely. While not making new highs, it sits close to the highs on the back of extreme interest in the equity markets, especially from the retail community. It appears that the […]

Dow Jones

S&P500 In a Bullish Channel Ahead of the Fed’s Meeting

The stock market remains well bid ahead of the most important event of the week. The chances are that moving forward until tomorrow’s Fed meeting, the market will simply “drift” on the lack of news and developments. Tomorrow’s focus will not be on the actual statement but on the forward […]


Dax Index Breaks Dynamic Support and Eyes 13,000

The Dax index had a rough start to the trading week. It broke dynamic support on the back of weak fundamentals, and now the true support level lies way lower, towards the 13,000 area. Europe is having a hard time. Not only that the second and the third wave of […]


S&P 500 Index Targeting New All-time Highs At 3500

The technology shares are leading the charge in what has been a day of muted but bullish trading on the S&P 500 index. Strong gains on the tech stocks come ahead of earnings reports from Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and Tesla this week. Investors are also looking forward to the FOMC […]


US Dollar Index: DXY Still At Risk of Decline Below 90.00

The DXY has begun the week on a flat note as it continues to hold above 90.0. Most USD-denominated assets are mixed today. With no major fundamentals scheduled until Wednesday’s FOMC decision, USD sentiment remains the determinant of the USD Index’s direction.   At this time, the US Dollar Index starts […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Possible Triple Top Ahead of the Fed’s Meeting

The Dow Jones index remains close to all-time highs as investors keep bidding for the equity market. As such, shorting the index here represents a contrarian view and should be avoided unless the index breaks the neckline of the bearish pattern. Otherwise, the risk is that the market will keep […]


DAX Index Prediction: Is it Ripe for a Bullish Breakout?

The German DAX index is wavering today ahead of key corporate earnings from the United States. The index is trading at 13,908 euros, where it has been in the past few days. Other European indices like CAC 40 and FTSE 100 are also little changed. There is no major economic […]