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DAX Index

DAX Forecast: Where to Next After Its Move Past 15,000

DAX has been trading sideways for the better part of the week after moving past 15,000 to hit a new record-high of 15,382. The index’s overall uptrend is a sign of investors’ optimism in the growth of Europe’s largest economy despite the rising coronavirus cases. However, the call for tougher […]


Dax Index Remains Bullish While Inside a Rising Channel

One of the strongest rallies in financial markets this year is the one seen on the Dax index. The German index rose to record highs after it broke higher out of an ascending triangle and never looked back ever since. Germany struggles with the vaccination campaign, but things look rather […]

Nasdaq100 Ready for a New All-Time High

Nasdaq100 managed an impressive reversal from February’s lows. It has formed an inversed head and shoulders pattern, and the market recently broke the neckline’s resistance. Since then, it formed two continuation patterns with little or no retracement in between, suggesting that it will try for the measured move in the […]


Dax Index: Buying the Dip on the First Pullback

The stock market indices around the world are trading with a bullish tone after the NFP report in the United States was released last Friday. The Dax index gapped higher at the opening today, sitting comfortably above the 15,000 level, reaching a new all-time high. When compared to the United […]

S&P 500

S&P 500: Where to Next After its New Record High?

S&P 500 has pulled back after closing Monday’s session at slightly above 4,080. The index surpassed the 4,000 mark on 1st April for the first time. The surge has been facilitated by strong economic data and the overall optimism regarding the speedy recovery of the US economy. On Friday, nonfarm […]

Nasdaq100 Bullish Pattern Points to a New All-Time High

The tech sector remains bullish as long as Nasdaq100 remains resilient to further downside. It recently formed a reversal pattern, an inverse head, and shoulder, which has a measured move above the recent highs. Ahead of Good Friday, the focus sits today on the ISM Manufacturing to be released in […]


Dax Index Bullish Run Continues – More Strength Ahead

The German Dax index trades above 15,000 points and marked a new all-time high. The market broke higher out of a bullish flag pattern and remains well bid on every dip. If we look at the flag’s measured move, the Dax should find no resistance until 15,500 or so, and […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Pulls Back as Fear and Greed Index Rises

Dow Jones is trading lower after hitting a record high of 33,257 on Monday. The index has slipped amid the heightening fear of rising interest rates. DJIA was down by 0.31% at 33,067 while S&P 500 declined by 0.32% to trade at 3,958. At the same time, Nasdaq 100 slid […]