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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJIA) or more commonly known as “The Dow” is a US stock index. It represents the top-thirty publicly-traded companies listed on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
As the stock index is made up of thirty firms, the volatility in Dow Jones is significant, making it popular amongst short-term traders and speculators. Traders also use it to take bets on the US and world economy, as the firms in the Dow, like Apple or Microsoft, have worldwide operations.

Initially, the Dow Jones was only composed of 12 companies that represented the most significant industrial firms in the USA. Now, the “Industrial” in DJIA is more of a historical term than a practical one because most stocks listed are no longer associated in the industrial sector or are involved in manufacturing and construction. An excellent example of this is IBM or American Express.

Founded in 1885, Dow Jones got its name from its founders Charles Dow and Edward Jones, who also established a news firm specializing in business and finance, which goes by the same name, Dow Jones.

The set of companies in the Dow Jones change, but current and famous companies in the index are Microsoft, Apple, Nike, IBM, Visa, and Coca-Cola.

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Dow Jones

Dow Jones Gains From Optimism on Economic Recovery

Dow Jones Industrial Average is up by 141.59 points or 0.41% to its current level of 34,464.64. The rallying has been fuelled by the strong US labor market data and subsequent optimism on economic recovery. On Thursday, the US Department of Labor indicated that initial jobless claims had dropped to […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Remains Bid While Above 33,750

The stock market in the United States remains elevated. Despite some weakness seen lately, the dips lower appear to be just small corrections when compared to the rally seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing appears to have a strong impact on the Dow Jones, as it keeps finding buyers in […]

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Hawkish FOMC Minutes Could Send Dow Jones Lower

Despite a slightly higher open by the Dow Jones Industrial Average this Thursday, there are indications that the hawkish FOMC minutes may put off investors from further buying. This could lead to a selloff that targets the 33,000 price mark. Excerpts from the FOMC minutes showed that several Federal Reserve […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones at All-Time High Amid Aggressive Value Stocks

Dow Jones is on a new record high amid rising value stocks, strong economic data, and an improving risk appetite. On Friday, the index was up by 0.93% at 34,548.53 points. Similarly, S&P 500 is up by 0.82% at4,201.56 points while Nasdaq has risen by 0.37% at 13,632.84 points. Notably, […]