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The gold price is a key factor that affects financial markets and the global economy. Gold is one of the top commodities, only behind crude oil, and is trading almost 24 hours a day Monday to Friday. London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Sydney are where most of the gold trading activity takes place.

Gold historically has been thought of as a store of wealth and is used as a luxury good as much as an investment.

Gold tends to outperform during periods of financial turbulence or economic weakness. Gold attracts safe heaven inflows during periods of high risk in the markets. The yellow metal has protected portfolios against inflation. Historically when inflation has been higher than 3% the price of gold has increased by about 15 percent.

The factors that affect the price of Gold among others are supply and demand, interest rates, central banks, geopolitics, currency fluctuations, etc. The US dollar remains the benchmark currency for gold. Many economists note that because of gold’s intrinsic value, it is seen more as a currency than a commodity, and that is why gold is referred to as monetary metal. Gold is highly inversely correlated to the U.S. dollar and bond yields. When the value of the USD increases gold becomes more expensive for other nations to purchase. This causes gold demand to fall, which is why there’s generally an inverse relationship between the Greenback and the gold price.

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Gold prices

Gold Prices in Huge Slide on Renewed Trade Optimism

Gold prices took a huge hit this Thursday as risk sentiment returns to the market following comments by US President Trump on getting closer to a US-China trade deal. The President had tweeted that a big deal was coming, which immediately triggered a selloff in the XAUUSD pair. In addition, [...]
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Gold Prices Higher After Jerome Powell Comments

Gold prices consolidate at weekly highs on dovish comments from Fed chair Jerome Powell. The Fed yesterday kept the interest rates unchanged as was widely expected by markets. Governor Jerome Powell noted that the US economic outlook remains strong despite global growth risks. He also said that as long as [...]
gold price

Gold Prices Higher Ahead of Fed Meeting

Gold prices trade 0.18% higher today at $1,464 as the yellow metal is under selling pressure the last trading sessions on improved sentiment in trade talks between the U.S. and China and stronger NFP data last Friday. Investors await Fed’s final policy meeting with analysts expecting that will keep interest [...]