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You might have no experience of trading and while some of you are looking for ways to improve your trading strategies. In both situations, our trading education library offers a multitude of different articles to suit most traders. Learn to trade with us!

In our first set of articles, we cover what you need to know about Forex trading and trading risk management, the risk-reward ratio, what a trend following strategy is, and how you can trade Forex and CFDs trends using pullbacks and breakouts.

We also cover major trading patterns such as the Head and Shoulders, the rectangle, flag, and descending and ascending triangle.

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Blockchain Nodes Explained: How Do They Work and The Opportunities to Run a Node in Crypto

Blockchain nodes act as the connecting bridges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, where the infrastructure is based on peer-to-peer technology. This technology leverages blockchain nodes to enable communication within blockchain networks. Ideally, blockchain nodes are designed to store complete copies of the information recorded on distributed ledgers such as Bitcoin’s blockchain.  […]

How Blockchain Opens Up Unicorn Investment to Everyone

Unicorns – companies that attain a value of $1 billion or more – are undoubtedly one of the hottest topics these days in the investment space. Dozens of projects compete in various segments, but only a few investors were fortunate to gain their slice in those privately-held firms before the […]