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Learn to trade the financial markets and Forex with us, and take a shortcut to understand how trading works, and hopefully reach your objectives quicker without the typical losses of rookie traders.

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You might have no experience of trading and while some of you are looking for ways to improve your trading strategies. In both situations, our trading education library offers a multitude of different articles to suit most traders. Learn to trade with us!

In our first set of articles, we cover what you need to know about Forex trading and trading risk management, the risk-reward ratio, what a trend following strategy is, and how you can trade Forex and CFDs trends using pullbacks and breakouts.

We also cover major trading patterns such as the Head and Shoulders, the rectangle, flag, and descending and ascending triangle.

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Ethereum - ETHUSD

Why Blockchain in the Lottery? Lottery Modernization

Lotteries and raffles date back far into the history of humanity. In fact, the first recognizable lotteries are said to be keno slips from ancient China. What is even more fascinating, these lotteries were an important source of funding for major government projects, including the Great Wall of China itself! […]

Why You Should Get a Trading Mentor

Have you just started trading or are thinking about buying your first stocks? You might want to consider using a trading mentor to help you demystify terms and build your trading confidence. Read on to uncover what a trading mentor does and if they are worth it. What Is a […]

Learn to trade in less time

Trading can be very complicated, but let's get you up to speed quickly so you can start trading with a simple, yet powerful strategy that you can start to test within minutes. You will also learn how to implement this strategy on the MT4 platform, probably the most popular trading [...]

Aprender a operar ahora

El trading puede ser muy complicado, pero vamos a ponerte al día rápidamente para que puedas comenzar a operar con una estrategia simple pero potente, que puedes probar en cuestión de minutos. También aprenderás cómo implementar esta estrategia en la plataforma MT4, probablemente la plataforma de trading más popular en el [...]
trading a price range

What is a Range Bound Trading Strategy?

Using a range bound trading strategy is another way to trade. Financial market prices tend to either trend or be range bound, or a state between range bound and trending. Knowing how to trade both types of markets can be advantageous. A range bound trading strategy is based on the [...]
Trading Money Management

What You Need to Know About Trading Risk Management

Thorough and stringent guidelines for trading risk management are necessary, without which even the best trading strategy can fail. In fact, if a professional trader is asked to trade without managing his risks, there are high chances that he would incur a substantial loss. Trade risk management is an essential [...]