FTSE 100

Lloyds Share Price Attempts to Rebound From 9-Year Low

Lloyds share price rose by more than 6% in in a general rally that saw the FTSE 100 index gain by 25 basis points. Today’s rally was a continuation of an upward trend that started yesterday. Stock prices of other UK banks rose as well, with Barclays and Tesco gaining [...]

Fujifilm Share Price Soars on News of Its Drug’s Success Against Coronavirus

Fujifilm share price rose by more than 15% in today’s trading after a Chinese official said that a drug which it manufactures has been effective against the coronavirus. As of this writing, it is trading at 5,238, higher than where it was yesterday at 4,538....

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Apple Share Price Rebounds As China Shops Reopen

Apple’s share price bounced noticeably on Friday from its intraday lows of 253.43 in a trade investment upgrade from Wells Fargo. Apple share price had opened with an upside gap in Friday trading before trading lower. Still, it is now off intraday lows and up to 259.67 as at the [...]