ITV Share Price Double-Top Signals a Potential Drop to 83p

The ITV share price strong rally has fizzled out ahead of its full-year earnings. The stock is trading at 108.90p, which is slightly below the year-to-date high of 114.40p. It has doubled since August last year. ITV, one of the most popular television brands in the UK, has had an […]

Uber Share Price Dips As Google Accuses Firm of False Claims

Uber share price is down as the “UberCheats” app scandal continues to gather momentum. Google is accusing Uber of filing a false trademark claim against the app, which allows drivers to view their tips to see if Uber was underpaying them.  Uber had previously admitted to underpaying its drivers in […]

Copper Price

BHP Share Price Passed Key Resistance – Is 2,400p Next?

BHP share price rose by more than 2% in Australia and is among the top performers in the FTSE 100 today. The shares of the biggest FTSE 100 constituent has risen to 2,280p, the highest level since 2011. BHP news: Commodity companies have done relatively well in the past few […]


NatWest Share Price Outlook Ahead of Q4 and FY Earnings

NatWest share price broke-out yesterday as investors remained optimistic that the Bank of England will not push UK interest rates to the negative zone because of the progress the country has made on delivering the vaccines. The stock rose to 180p, which is substantially higher than the YTD low of […]

Barclays Share Price: Pre-Earnings Review and Forecast

The Barclays share price soared yesterday after the UK announced the progress of its vaccination program. The stock soared to 153p, which is 18% above the year-to-date low of 130p. Other banks like Lloyds and NatWest also continued to rally.  Barclays news: The biggest catalyst for the recent price action […]