Netflix Share Price Jumps On Rise in International Subscriber Base

Netflix share price jumped 2.5% in after-hours trading after it reported earnings that showed a massive spike in international subscribers. However, domestic numbers slumped, reflecting a gradual erosion of its domestic subscriber base by upcoming competition. Netflix added 423,000 new subscribers from the domestic market (US and Canada), which fell [...]

UBS Stock Price Drops As 2019 Full Year Numbers Disappoint

UBS stock price traded 5% lower on Tuesday after it lowered some of its critical estimates for 2020-2022, despite posting Q4 2020 net profits of $722million versus forecasts of $632million. Full-year profit came in at $4.3billion, which was 10% lower than estimates.  The critical metrics for UBS which did not [...]

Sirius Share Price Ends Freefall As Takeover Deal Announced

Sirius share price, which had been in freefall for the past year, is recovering after a £405m takeover by Anglo-American was announced Monday. Anglo-American has proposed a buyout of the struggling fertilizer and mining company that was once worth about £1.5billion in a deal which would see the continuation of [...]

Preview of Netflix Earnings Report: What to Look For

Netflix will report its Q4 2019 earnings in the pre-market session on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. What are the factors to watch for in next week’s report? a) Domestic market numbers: The markets would want to know how many new subscribers were added, especially with the emergence of new players [...]

Lloyds Share Price Struggles After UK Government Divestment

Lloyds share price continues on the downward trajectory after the UK government sold off most of its shareholdings in the bank. However, this could be viewed as a form of re-balancing process, as the bank works to modernize its operations via the deployment of enhanced technology. The bank has announced [...]