Rolls-Royce (RR) Share Price Tragic Freefall Explained

The Rolls-Royce share price is in a major downward trend this week. On Tuesday, it ended the day at 105p, which is 18% below this year’s high of 128p.  What happened: Rolls-Royce has faced two major challenges this week. First, many countries, including France and Germany have reported more coronavirus […]


Asos Share Price Forecast After the Remarkable Comeback

The Asos share price has been in a strong rally recently, and this week, it moved above the important resistance level at 5,842p, which was the highest level since April 2018. Asos stock is trading at 5,918, which is slightly below the important psychological level of 6,000p. What happened: Asos […]


EasyJet Share Price Forcast: Will the EZJ Stock Bounce Back?

The EasyJet (EZJ) share price is struggling again today as investors question the speed of recovery of the global aviation industry. The stock has tumbled by more than 2% today after it dropped by more than 10%. What happened: EasyJet is one of the biggest low-cost carrier in Europe. The […]

IAG Share Price Forecast: What Next After the Big Plunge?

The IAG share price nosedived yesterday as part of the overall sell-off of airline stocks. The stock dropped to 174p, which was the lowest level since February 22. Other major airline stocks that tumbled are EasyJet, Ryanair, and TUI.  What happened: The IAG stock fell by as much as 17% […]


Kingfisher Share Price Forecast After Strong Earnings

The Kingfisher share price rallied by more than 4% after the company released the relatively strong earnings. The KGF stock is trading at 324p, which was 25% above the February low of 260p.  What happened: Kingfisher, the leading operator of home furnishing stores in the UK, reported relatively strong earnings […]


Cineworld Share Price Forecast Ahead of Horror FY Earnings

The Cineworld share price will be in the spotlight this week as the company releases its full-year earnings. The CINE stock ended the week at 122p, which is 687% above the October low of 15.50p. The context: As the biggest movie theatre company in the UK, Cineworld was among the […]


Ocado Share Price Pattern Hints to a Possible Rebound

The Ocado share price is struggling. The stock ended last week at 2,022, which was slightly above the weekly low of 1,956p. Still, the stock is 30% below the year-to-date high of 2,888p.  What happened: Ocado has been one of the biggest winners of the pandemic in the FTSE 100 […]

Rolls-Royce Share Price: Is the Upward Trend Still Intact?

The Rolls-Royce share price has been under pressure in the past few days as some investors take profit while others react to the company’s full-year earnings. The stock has dropped by more than 9.30% from its highest level last week of 128.70p. What happened: Rolls-Royce, the giant jet engine manufacturer, […]