In this section, you will find important EURUSD news, actionable trading ideas, and a live EURUSD chart to help you understand the markets better.

What’s EURUSD ?

EURUSD is a Forex pair that shows how many US dollars it costs to buy one Euro. The Euro is the so-called base currency, while the US is the quote currency in this pair. The EURUSD is the most popular trading pair in the FX markets, and about 25% of all trades are made in this pair.  The pair is therefore considered to be one of the “Majors Pairs.”

The price of the EURUSD depends on the supply and demand of the Euro and the US Dollar. The factors that affect supply and demand are the relative interest rates, the GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, and other macroeconomic figures.

The US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB) are the two institutions that EURUSD traders follow to get an idea about the future moves of the pair. Traders also watch Germany and France, the two biggest economies in Europe that affect the price of the euro.

Live EURUSD Chart


Forex Focus on European PMI’s

EURUSD Unmoved After ECB Leaves Interest Rates Intact

The EURUSD is virtually unmoved at 1.10895 after the European Central Bank (ECB) left interest rates unchanged as expected. The key refinancing rate was held steady at 0.00%. The focus will now shift to the remarks by ECB President Christine Lagarde at 13:30 GMT, where she is may provide clues [...]

EURUSD Looks Bearish Ahead of ECB Rate Decision

Head And Shoulders Still Intact The head and shoulders chart pattern we pointed out earlier this week is still intact. In fact, EURUSD broke below support at the neckline and has already retested it for resistance. When you enrol to our forex trading course, you will learn that a neckline-break [...]

EURUSD: Neckline Break of Head and Shoulders?

Remember the inverse head and shoulders pattern I pointed out on EURUSD yesterday? Price broke above the neck line resistance. It was brought about by the German ZEW Economic Sentiment report which topped its 15.2 forecast at 26.7. However, there were not enough buyers to push EURUSD to its January [...]

EURUSD: Head and Shoulders Pattern Suggests Trend Change

The EURUSD trend remains short-term bullish as the exchange rate continues to create higher and higher lows on the six-hour chart. However, a "head and shoulders pattern" suggests that the mood amongst traders and investors is changing. The EUR to USD exchange rate bottomed out last year in October from [...]