In this section, you will find important EURUSD news, actionable trading ideas, and a live EURUSD chart to help you understand the markets better.

EURUSD is a Forex pair that shows how many US dollars it costs to buy one Euro. The Euro is the so-called base currency, while the US is the quote currency in this pair. The EURUSD is the most popular trading pair in the FX markets, and about 25% of all trades are made in this pair.  The pair is therefore considered to be one of the “Majors Pairs.”

The price of the EURUSD depends on the supply and demand of the Euro and the US Dollar. The factors that affect supply and demand are the relative interest rates, the GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, and other macroeconomic figures.

The US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB) are the two institutions that EURUSD traders follow to get an idea about the future moves of the pair. Traders also watch Germany and France, the two biggest economies in Europe that affect the price of the euro.

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EURUSD Traders Calm Ahead of Fed Decision

EURUSD trades in narrow trading range today as markets await the FOMC statement later today for fresh clues on the next Feds policy moves. Analysts forecast that Fed might proceed with one more rate cut during 2020. Christine Laggard in the ECB meeting tomorrow expected to reiterate the recent policy [...]

Forex Focus on FOMC Statement

Traders will closely watch the Fed statement later today that might add some volatility to the markets as our forex calendar is quite empty today. In Europe investors focus is on the UK election tomorrow as the outcome will open the way for the much anticipated Brexit. In the American [...]

EURUSD Rally at Risk Ahead of FOMC Meeting Minutes

After rejecting the trend line support at 1.1005, EURUSD bulls started its bullish rally. However, the bulls are having a tough time to break above the minor resistance at 1.1074. Before the closing of the last week, EURUSD bulls ran out of steam after securing a high at 1.1115. As [...]
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Forex Focus on Germany ZEW surveys

Markets are quiet ahead of the main events later this week. In European forex calendar, traders await today the France October industrial and manufacturing production data due at 9:30GMT. In UK we have the monthly GDP data for October and the UK manufacturing, industrial, construction output will be released at [...]

EURUSD Digest Friday’s NFP Strong Data

EURUSD digest the strong NFP data released the previous Friday that boosted US dollar across the board. Mixed headlines from China and U.S around the trade negotiations continue to confuse investors around the globe ahead of the December 15th deadline on new tariffs to Chinese imports. The Fed and ECB [...]

Double Bottom on EURUSD: Bulls Ready to Rally on NFP?

EURUSD traded steadily higher yesterday as forex traders squared their positions ahead of the highly-anticipated Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report. The currency pair opened at 1.1076 and closed at 1.1103. Third-Tier Data from the Three Largest Economies in the Euro Zone Only third-tier data are scheduled for release from the euro [...]