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GBPUSD is also known as Cable amongst Forex traders is the ticker symbol in FX markets that represents how many US dollars you can buy with one British Pound. The price of the pair is affected by changes in both economies and could be affected by changes in monetary policy from Bank of England and or the US central bank, the Federal Reserve (FED). GBPUSD is one of the major currency pairs, and offers high liquidity in the markets and low spreads.  Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the pair has entered a high volatility era as investors try to evaluate what the price of GBP will be after the official divorce from the EU.

Live GBPUSD Chart



GBPUSD Rally Continuous As U.S Dollar Weakens

On Wednesday, FED chairperson Jerome Powell delivered a dovish statement. Based on his statement, it’s very obvious FED has no interest to hike the interest in 2020. The GBPUSD pair was struggling to clear the resistance at 1.3168. But the bulls surged through this resistance zone after FOMC meeting minutes. [...]

GBPUSD Seesaws Ahead of Fed and UK Election

GBPUSD pares earlier losses and hits the unchanged level for the day at 1.3149 after the recent polls suggest a narrowing Conservative’s lead, with the majority now dropped to 28 seats from 68 seats, increasing the possibility of a hung UK parliament. GBPUSD recent strength helped by the polls that [...]