In this section, you will find important USDTRY news, actionable trading ideas, and a live USDTRY chart to help you understand how the Turkish Lira trades vs. the US Dollar.

USDTRY is the ticker symbol in FX markets that represents how many Turkish liras you can buy with one US dollar. The factors that affect USDTRY are the interest rates, the GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments and other macroeconomic figures. The US Federal Reserve Bank and Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey are the two institutions that USDTRY traders follow in order to get an idea about the future moves of the pair. The new Turkish lira was introduced in 2005 following a massive devaluation of the previous lira value. USDTRY is a high volatility pair and price gaps happen very often as the Turkish economy is fragile.

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USD/TRY: Implications of the CRBT Rate Decision

USD/TRY is on a bearish consolidation pattern ahead of the CRBT one-week repo rate decision. On Monday, TURKSTAT released lower-than-expected CPI data. According to the institute, the CPI rose by 17.14% YoY compared to the forecasted 17.30%. The figure was also lower than the previous 16.19%. At the same time, […]


USD/TRY Forecast Ahead of Turkey’s Inflation Data

USD/TRY is trading lower early on Monday ahead of Turkey’s inflation data. The numbers come at a time when President Tayyip Erdogan and central bank’s governor Sahap Kavcioglu have insisted that hiking interest rates will only hurt the economy. In the quarterly inflation report released last week, the country’s central […]


USD/TRY: Will Current Tensions Revive 2018 Lira Crisis?

USD/TRY is at its highest level this month. The market is reacting to President Biden’s announcement and comments by central bank’s governor Sahap Kavcioglu. On Friday, the US president stated that his government recognizes the 1915 mass murders of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as a genocide. Subsequently, investors are […]

USDTRY Turkish lira

USD/TRY: Societe Generale, Nordea, Analysts Weigh on Turkey Crisis

The USD/TRY is at an important support level as investors continue reacting to the recent firing of Naci Agbal as the CBRT governor. It is trading at 7.8115, which is slightly higher than the March 9 high of 7.7860. What happened: On Saturday morning, Turkey’s president, Recep Erdogan sent shockwaves […]


USD/TRY: What next for the Turkish Lira?

USD/TRY began the week at its highest level since November 2020. The pair hit a high of about 8.50 before pulling back to its current 7.90.  This marks a drop of close to 15% of the Turkish Lira against the greenback. The abrupt surge of the pair is the market’s […]