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DAX index

DAX Index Forecast Ahead of Volkswagen, Henkel, Adidas, BMW earnings

The DAX index is hovering near its all-time high ahead of earnings by some of its biggest constituent companies like Henkel, Volkswagen, Adidas, BMW, Munich Re, and Heidelbergcement. The index is trading at €15,246, which is slightly below €15,480. What’s happening: The German DAX has recently rallied as investors react […]

London FTSE 100

FTSE 100 Price Finishes the Day Flat. Fails To Hold 7,000

The UK’s FTSE 100 index finished the day close to unchanged at 6,969 in muted trading as end-of-month fireworks failed to materialize. The Blue-chip FTSE 100 index had looked a sure bet to close the week above the important 7,000 level. Friday’s end-of-month trading day failed to deliver, adding a […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Declines as the Fear & Greed Index Signals Greed

Dow Jones is lagging even after the US central bank maintained a dovish tone. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve indicated that it was too early to talk about tapering asset purchases. Powell also stated that while the US economy has recovered steadily, it is still uneven and incomplete. As such, […]

FTSE 100

Nasdaq100 Index: Dynamic Resistance May Send It Back to 13,000

The Nasdaq100 index has no been able to capitalize on the strong earnings season posted by the tech companies. Moreover, the Fed’s dovish tone did not materialize in a new move higher, as the index remains under pressure against dynamic resistance. Yet, traders should not get carried away. As long […]