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Nikkei 225

Nikkei 225: Pattern Reveals Japan Stocks Could Fall Further

The Nikkei 225 index is under pressure as investors continue to focus on the recent Bank of Japan (BOJ) decision on ETF buying. It is trading at ¥29,200, which is 4% below the year-to-date (YTD) high of ¥30,720. What happened: Japan stocks have been in a strong rally recently. Indeed, […]


Dax Index In a Bullish Channel, Support Must Hold

The Fed is behind us, and the Dax index is poised to open at the highs. While we may see a correction as it tries to follow on the U.S. stock indices futures, the Dax is in a bullish channel, and it is likely to find support at dynamic levels. […]

Nasdaq100 Ready to Pop to New Highs – Will the Fed Trigger the Move?

The tech index, Nasdaq100, correctly lately, especially during the month of February. However, once February ended, Nasdaq100 recovered steadily. First, it formed a triple bottom pattern. Second, the move higher resembles the second part of an inverse head and shoulders pattern, and the market now prepares to move above the […]

DAX index

Dax Index Bullish Pennant Calls for New All-Time Highs

The Dax index hovers around 14,500, and having a bullish bias as a pennant formation (or an ascending triangle) points to more continuation. Regardless of the pattern, a pennant or an ascending triangle, the measured move points to a move to 15,200 and more. Optimism prevails in Europe despite the […]