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S&P 500

Dow Jones Threatens All-Time Highs on Strong Q3 Earnings

Dow Jones is back at the highs on strong stock market performance. The Q3 earnings season kickstarted, and some notable companies show better than expected results. As such, the wind behind the stock market will continue to blow heading into the U.S. elections. J.P. Morgan and Citigroup Beat Forecasts The […]

Nasdaq 100 On Its Way to a New All-Time High

The stock market continues to outperform, and Nasdaq 100 is leading it higher. The recent developments on the U.S. fiscal front led to higher stock market prices and a bullish pattern for the Nasdaq 100 that points to a new all-time high.  A similar pattern appeared on the price of […]

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Futures Takes a Step Back But Bullish Trend Remains

Dow Jones futures have erased earlier gains ahead of the third-quarter earnings season that will kick-off tomorrow. The index is also reacting to the diminishing hopes of additional stimulus in the US and the relatively strong US dollar. Corporate earnings The Dow Jones is wavering ahead of the third-quarter earning […]


DAX Index: Here’s What Moving German Stocks Today

The DAX index is up slightly as the market waits for the upcoming corporate earnings season and progress on Brexit. The blue-chip index of German stocks is trading at €13,080, which is 0.15% above its Friday’s close. In Europe, other indices are mixed, with the FTSE 100 being in the […]