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Dax Index Bullish Breakout Calls For New Highs

The German Dax index is at crossroads. On the one hand, the market formed a head and shoulders pattern – yet to break the neckline. Hence, a bearish pattern that signals weakness. On the other hand, the consolidation on the right shoulder ended up with a triangle as a reversal […]

FTSE 100

FTSE 100 Propped Up by BP and HSBC Earnings

FTSE 100 is on a consolidation pattern as investors monitor this week’s earnings reports. On Tuesday, HSBC beat analysts’ estimates of $3.35 billion by reporting $5.78 billion as its Q1’21 profits before taxes. The figure is also higher than the $3.21 billion it recorded in Q1’20. Subsequently, its shares rose […]

nasdaq 100 index

Nasdaq 100: New All-Time High In A Rising Channel

This week is of extreme importance for the Nasdaq 100 index. Also known as the tech index, it is moving mostly based on the performance of the giant U.S. tech corporations. This week we’ve seen Tesla delivering its Q1 2021 results, but heavy names will release their earnings in the […]

DAX index

Dax Index: Rising Wedge Spells Trouble for Bulls

Dax index remains well bid while the price action sits inside the trendlines of a rising wedge pattern. However, the market participants eye a breakout, with the path of least resistance being the downside. Last week’s ECB meeting failed to bring clarity in the euro markets. The central bank insisted […]

S&P 500

S&P 500 Forecast Ahead of Fed Interest Rate Decision; Earnings Week

S&P 500 has eased as investors prepare for this week’s corporate earnings. About one-third of companies embedded in this stock market index are scheduled to release their Q1’21 earnings in the course of the week. In today’s session, Tesla is among the companies that will be presenting their financial results. […]

USDJPY Japanese Yen

Nikkei 225. Prices remain Rangebound, but for how long?

Japan’s benchmark stock index, the Nikkei 225, trades lower as the Prime Minister prepares the country for its third state of emergency. Japanese Premier Yoshihide Suga announced further measures are to be put in place to curb the spread of a new Covid-19 variant. In force from today, the new […]