Ready Games Establishes Mobile Web3 Platform, Incentivizes Developers

Ready Games, one of the leading platforms for game creation and community building, is expanding its mobile section to help mobile games shift from web2 into web3. Additionally, it has begun the distribution of its utility coin, $AURA. The token integration will assist developers in adding value to their gaming portfolios. It is also deploying turnkey developer tools to swiftly move mobile web2 games into web3, in line with the rules of the Apple and Google app stores.

As the first of its type, Ready’s ecosystem allows creators to run their games on the blockchain while adhering to app store terms and conditions. The $AURA token makes it possible for developers to publish a web3 game that complies with all current standards without any additional effort. Because of its strong developer base, Ready is able to reduce integration times by leveraging their familiarity with its toolkits. As a result, it will help accelerate web3 adoption.

In addition to games, NFTs are a top priority for Ready Games. Using  the platform, artists can develop and upload in-game items that can be purchased or traded for money. The players will, on the other hand, receive some form of indirect compensation. Gamers can also purchase items with in-game coins via Ready Games’ Play and Own system.

Ready Games counting on developer incentives to power expansion

Ready Games has recently raised $3million through the sale of its $AURA token, to investors led by BITKRAFT and Hashed. The funds will support the company’s goal of encouraging web2 game programmers to switch to web3 with minimal development time and cost.

More than ten years of engineering effort have gone into Ready’s developer and creator tools. This has helped developers and creators to seamlessly shift from web2 to web3 gaming. It is quite effective, with Ready’s Alpha version proving that creators can go from web2 to web3 in just five days.

“It’s incredibly challenging to take the complexities of web3 and make them easily accessible for game publishers: from live operations to loyalty programs and new economic models. We’re excited to see what comes next as we build this collective ecosystem together!” says David Bennahum, CEO of Ready.