Mosdex Introduces Staking-Based Arbitrage For Passive Earning

The Finnish financial and technology firm Mosdex Limited has released an arbitrage platform based on staking. The product was developed with the intention of helping investors in weathering the crypto winter. For decades, investors have relied on the arbitrage trading mechanism to profit from the deviation in asset prices between markets. The Mosdex network employs a DeFi-inspired staking protocol.

The Mosdex staking-based platform provides daily passive income via an automated arbitrage engine that scours millions of order books across several crypto exchanges to capitalize on the best arbitrage trades. It then distributes the profits via a patented profit-sharing model.

How Mosdex differs from traditional arbitrage

Providing liquidity in the cryptocurrency space the traditional way is risky because the assets staked could be lost permanently. Mosdex claims that it totally removes this risk by employing the user’s funds in arbitrage activities, which execute deals in milliseconds to profit from the disparity in asset values between exchanges.

Staking BTC or USDT on Mosdex allows users to essentially act as liquidity providers. This reduces the risks of trading and allows them to make passive profits on a daily basis without actively engaging in the market. Users can stake for 7 days, 28 days, or 90 days with the liquidity packages, and returns are displayed in advance before the locking of the contract.

The Mosdex Arbitrage Platform uses an automatic and pre-determined mechanism to calculate a 24-hour projected return that is very competitive, potentially reaching up to 1% ROI per day, once a user has allotted their BTC or USDT for liquidity provision. Any earnings that accrue over $10 can be cashed out on the spot from the dashboard each day they are available.

Mosdex is entirely web-based and automated, meaning it does not require any sort of physical infrastructure to function. In addition, there is a referral program available on the site where you can earn a 0.5% rebate on the total amount staked whenever a user you referred wagers on an event.