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MonkeyLeague’s Breading Season Is Here. What Does It Bring?

The inaugural Breeding Season of the popular Web3 game MonkeyLeague began on October 26. This announcement comes after MonkeyLeague’s historic partnership with the current Italian Serie A champions, AC Milan, last month. With the Breeding feature of MonkeyLeague, owners of two or more Monkey NFTs can “breed” them in to churn out new MonkeyPlayer NFTs. As a result, gamers can add members to their squads, form new squads, and even trade squads with one another.

What does MonkeyLeague’s Breading Season entail?

In honour of their newest partnership, MonkeyLeague will base their first Breeding Season around AC Milan. Consequently, the game will be releasing special edition Monkeys with AC Milan logos and colours. In order to take part in the event, gamers need to possess two MonkeyPlayer NFTs as well as a Breeding Capsule so that they can breed new players. The maximum number of offspring a MonkeyPlayer can produce is four. Also, the initial breeding is free, but successive breedings will cost you a larger chunk of the market price of a Gen Zero MonkeyPlayer.

The Solana blockchain hosts the soccer RPG MonkeyLeague, which is played in a turn-based fashion. This game is now in closed beta, with a release planned for the fourth quarter of 2022. Staking and play-to-earn mechanics, common in decentralized finance, find their way into this game. Players earn the game’s native token, $MBS, for victories in matches and tournaments. They can use their earnings to purchase additional MonkeyPlayer NFTs as they work their way up the league rankings.

In September 2022, the game’s developers revealed that the famed Italian club AC Milan would be the game’s first professional soccer sponsor. Additionally, the two partners will be launching a number of projects over the next several weeks and months. Breeding will have a seasonal or thematic focus, allowing players to obtain special, rare abilities for their new MonkeyPlayers.