Fuse Media Partners with Theta Labs For Mainnet Launch

Fuse Media, a media conglomerate that operates across multiple platforms, has joined forces with Theta Labs to serve as the network’s initial launch partner for Mainnet 4.0, Metachain. Also, Fuse plans to deploy Theta-based NFTs and TNT20 tokens. This will give their rapidly expanding audience access to hitherto unrealized features and deepen their connection to the platform. Furthermore, Fuse will introduce a new business venture that will fully leverage the capabilities of the Theta Ecosystem.

How the partnership works for Fuse Media

With this cooperation, Theta Video API will serve as the backbone for distributing Fuse Media’s video feeds worldwide. With the launch of Metachain in December 2022, enterprises will be able to run their own “subchain” with unique rules, tokens, and ecosystems.

Fuse is well-known for its commitment to promoting the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds. Theta, on the other hand, has carved out a niche for itself as the platform of choice for blockchain initiatives that focus on video and other forms of entertainment. There is a lot of synergy between the two parties.

Mike Roggero, CEO of Fuse says, “By combining Fuse programming and talent with Theta’s leading blockchain technology, we can introduce a completely new dynamic in entertainment where users’ voices are represented in the media they enjoy.”

Fuse is a media company that aims to reflect the world of its young and varied audience. It does this by producing award-winning original content and expanding its presence around the world. Therefore, the company is in a great position to help educate and encourage adoption of Web3 tools. This will also create opportunities for crucially underserved groups.

Fuse has always been on the cutting edge of technology. It is continuously testing new ways for audiences and creators to engage with media and content. NFTs have the potential to be a game-changing fan interaction tool, bringing fans closer than ever before to the people and companies they adore. As a result, Theta Metachain will significantly increase that engagement, through NFTs.