Walken to Release its Hyper-casual Fitness Game in October

Play-and-exercise-to-earn mobile project Walken has announced the release of its first hyper-casual game in the month of October. Launching in early October 2022, Walken Runner will introduce the public to the CAThletes, expand the Walken experience, and give players more control in a variety of game modes. The event will highlight the athletes of the ecosystem and highlight their abilities.

How Walken implements its interaction and earning system

With this method, we take the first step in establishing a favourable setting in which to encourage people to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. The team will make sure there is a connection between Walken Runner and the main Walken Game. Through the Walken App, the best players of Walken Runner can earn $WLKN tokens. In addition, the game will provide rewards, fun, and entertainment for all Walken players.

The game Walken Runner is the first product to come out of the Walken ecosystem. In the next months, we can expect to see the debut of more hyper-casual games that will help consumers make the jump from Web2 to Web3. The team will work on a broader story in order to establish a new ecosystem and deliver greater value to all Walken users. However, this will depend on the input of the community and the overall activity of Walken Runners.

The objective of Walken Runner is simple: a CAThlete must run, gather bonuses and boosters, and overcome obstacles in order to increase the avatar’s power. At the very last moment, the CAThlete will have to face up against a boss. The mechanics of character development and growth complement these aspects.

Future versions of Walken Runner will factor in player participation across the entire Walken ecosystem. The Walken Runner leaderboard will take into account both this metric and the player’s overall Rank. Leaderboards will maintain the score of player activity across the game’s weekly-changing seasons based on points earned in-game.