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Venom Network Public Testnet Goes Live

The public testnet for Venom, a Layer-1 blockchain network, has just gone live. Venom Foundation says its developing ecosystem includes not only the introduction of the testnet but also a number of independently developed decentralised applications. Reaching these milestones is a major achievement for Abu Dhabi-based Venom’s plan as it readies for mainnet debut.

Why the testnet launch is a big moment for Venom

The Venom Network is managed by the Venom Foundation, and it operates with an Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) licence. Several companies are hosting their proprietary protocols and distributed applications (dApps) on the blockchain.

Increased interoperability attributed to Venom’s network makes it a useful tool for developers, and its low transaction costs encourage widespread adoption. To get things rolling, Venom has assembled a library of developer documentation to provide builders with the resources they need to get to work.

Testnet design and capabilities

According to the Foundation, users of the ecosystem as well as developers will appreciate the testnet’s layout. First, it helps developers check the functionality of blockchain protocols and distributed applications. Downloading the Venom Wallet via the App Store, Google Play, or the desktop version for Google Chrome is the initial step for developers and individuals interested in testing out the testnet.

The asynchronous Venom blockchain will be available for experimentation by developers. It has a top throughput of 100,000 Transactions Per Second, and its scalability and reliability are cutting-edge, thanks to its use of dynamic sharding.

Also, by claiming a free testnet allotment, users may quickly begin the process of testing the Venom ecosystem. This will give them hands-on time with these decentralised applications. The program’s overarching objective is to foster creativity and network formation among ecosystem participants.

Peter Knez, Chair of the Venom Foundation Council, stated: “With our highly scalable and reliable asynchronous blockchain, we are confident that developers will be able to build innovative dApps, and users will be able to experience them firsthand.”

A number of decentralised applications (dApps) are scheduled to launch on the Venom testnet. They include Venom Wallet, Venom Scan, Venom Stake, Venom Bridge, VenomPools WeUp, NFT Mint, Web3.World, Oasis.Gallery, and VenomPools WeUp. Users can try them out by transacting, using the built-in Venom wallet, and a lot more.