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The krona which translates to “crown” was created in 1876 along with the Scandanavian Monetary Union.


Sweden, along with Norway and Denmark, shared the currency and pegged it to gold. Back then, 1 krona in Sweden and krone for Norway and Denmark was equivalent to 1/2480 of a kilogram of gold. The monetary union lasted until the beginning of the first World War. By August 1914, it was dissolved and the three countries adopted their own independent currencies but maintained the name krona or krone.

What is USDSEK?

USDSEK is the financial symbol referring to the spot exchange rate of the US dollar and the Swedish krona.

The Swedish krona is governed by the Sveriges Riksbank or simply known as the Riksbank. It is known as the world’s oldest central bank, founded in 1668, and the third oldest that has been in operation.

The central bank has the mandate to support economic growth while making sure that inflation does not surge. Following the 2008 financial crisis, the Riksbank was the very first central bank in the world to implement negative interest rates when they cut rates to -0.25%. The Swedish economy is heavily reliant on its exports which are primarily driven by hydropower, iron ore, and timber. Therefore, data on the trade balance is particularly important in trying to forecast the USDSEK rate. The 2008 financial crisis dampened exports as well as consumption which would explain why the central bank adopted such an aggressive easing measure.

In 2011, the Swedish economy rebounded from the recession. The central bank is widely credited for the turn-around in the economy and its credibility is widely regarded by market participants. With that said, jawboning from Swedish central bankers tend to cause volatility on the Swedish krona and should be considered in your analysis when trading USDSEK.

The Swedish policymakers are also the first ones to adopt a digital currency. They created the e-krona as people found lesser use for physical cash.

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Latest USDSEK News


USDSEK Rebounds As Sweden Unemployment Rate Hits 8.2%

USDSEK continues higher for the third consecutive session after the pair tested the previous week the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement from the recent sharp sell-off from record highs on March 20. The rebound from two-month lows tests for one more time the resistance at the 50-day moving average. Last month, there [...]
Swedish krona

USDSEK: Swedish Krona Falls As Unemployment Rate Jumps To 7-Year High

The Swedish krona declined by more than 40 basis points after the country’s statistics office released the March unemployment rate numbers. As a result, the USDSEK pair continued the upward trend that started yesterday. The number of coronavirus cases have been rising in Sweden. According to data compiled by Worldometer, [...]

Sweden’s Economy Might Shrink 4%, USDSEK Rebounds

USDSEK trades higher for the second consecutive session after disappointing forecasts about the Sweden economy. Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said that Sweden's economy might shrink 4% this year as the coronavirus spread hits demand and supply. Andersson said that the downturn this year is expected to be nearly as deep [...]

USDSEK Reverse Losses After Better U.S. Durable Goods Orders

USDSEK turns back to the unchanged level after a high volatile session as investors sentiment still much affected by the developments in the coronavirus outbreak and the monetary measures form Riksbank and Fed.  On Monday, Fed announced that would buy unlimited amounts of Treasurys and mortgage securities. The Fed will [...]

USDSEK Jumps Above 10.00 After Riksbank Extends QE

USDSEK trades 2.24% higher at 10.0021 after Riksbank announced a substantial extension of the QE programme and unlimited liquidity support. The Riksbank will buy additional SEK 300bn of bonds. The extended programme includes government bonds, local government bonds, as well as covered bonds.  The emergency measures aim for banks to [...]