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USDJPY is the ticker symbol in Global FX markets that represents how many Japanese Yen you can buy with one US dollar. USDJPY is one of the world’s major currency pairs according to the Bank for International Settlements and represents 17% percent of total daily volume on forex trading markets. The factors that affect the value of the pair are the economic policy by the Japanese and U.S. governments and central banks, but also economic conditions and other economic indicators like unemployment, imports, exports, etc. However, a key driver is risk sentiment and there is a good negative correlation between stock markets and the Japanese Yen in the short term. The JPY is sensitive to risk sentiment as it is a so-called funding currency. The pair is very popular among traders because of the high liquidity and tight spreads.

Live USDJPY Chart


USD/JPY: Reversal Potential After BOJ’s Decision

USD/JPY appears to be tired here. It lacks conviction for a decisive move above 109. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) today was the third major central bank to announce its monetary decision this week, after the Fed and the Bank of England. The BOJ reiterated its efforts to keep the […]

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USD/JPY Could Hit 110.00 If Support at 108.819 Stays Intact

Details of the latest CFTC Positioning Report have been publicized. The report indicates that traders have reduced their net shorts on the US Dollar, matching levels last seen in December 2020. This is a reflection of the strength the USD has garnered in the wake of rising long-term bond yields, […]

USD/JPY: Credit Suisse Predicts 109.85 As Next Target

Analysts at Credit Suisse are bullish on the USDJPY. Their latest analysis is for the pair to push towards the high of June 2020 at 109.85, once the pair crosses above the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement from the swing move of the drop of March 2020 to July 2020 high at […]


USD/JPY Rising Wedge Pattern Points to a Drop to 106.22

The USD/JPY price rally is accelerating as the dollar strength remains. The pair rose to an intraday high of 106.92, the highest it has been since August 28. The USDJPY has risen by more than 4% from its lowest level on January 6.  What happened: The Japanese yen declined against […]

USD/JPY signal: Uptrend to 106.2 Likely to Resume

The USD/JPY price dropped in the American session even as the US dollar bounced back. The pair dropped to an intraday low of 105.83, which is slightly lower than yesterday’s high of 106.21. USD/JPY news: In a report earlier today, the Japanese Ministry of Finance said that the core machinery […]

USD/JPY Bullish Technical Setup Points to 106

The USD/JPY has been one of the currency pairs with the smallest average true range during the pandemic. Unusual for a currency pair of its caliber, the tight ranges led to a declining interest in trading it from the market participants. It came so close to the magical 100 level […]


USD/JPY Prediction Ahead of US Nonfarm Payrolls Data

The USD/JPY price rose after the relatively strong Japanese household spending data and ahead of the US nonfarm payroll numbers. The USDJPY is trading at 105.53, which is the highest it has been since December last year. USD/JPY news: The Japanese statistics agency published relatively strong household spending numbers earlier […]