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USDJPY is the ticker symbol in Global FX markets that represents how many Japanese Yen you can buy with one US dollar. USDJPY is one of the world’s major currency pairs according to the Bank for International Settlements and represents 17% percent of total daily volume on forex trading markets. The factors that affect the value of the pair are the economic policy by the Japanese and U.S. governments and central banks, but also economic conditions and other economic indicators like unemployment, imports, exports, etc. However, a key driver is risk sentiment and there is a good negative correlation between stock markets and the Japanese Yen in the short term. The JPY is sensitive to risk sentiment as it is a so-called funding currency. The pair is very popular among traders because of the high liquidity and tight spreads.

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USDJPY Recovers Yesterday’s Losses As Coronavirus Worries Ease

USDJPY trades 0.09% higher at 109.96 close to seven month highs. The pair recovers some of yesterday’s losses which attributed to strong bids from traders looking for safe haven assets after the outbreak of the coronaryvirus outbreak in China and other countries. On the economic data front the United States [...]

USDJPY Down on Risk Aversion and BOJ Rate Statement

BOJ Rate Statement As Expected Earlier today, as expected, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) kept its interest rates unchanged at -0.10%. Its 0.0% target for 10-year government bonds and bond purchases also remained steady. According to BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, rates will stay where they are or maybe even go [...]

USDJPY Relatively Unmoved Despite Downbeat US Unemployment Data

The USDJPY is relatively unchanged as at the time of writing, despite disappointing US unemployment data. The Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report for December 2019 shows that the US economy added just 145,000 new jobs, which was lower than the 162,000 jobs that economists had predicted. This figure was also significantly [...]