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USDJPY is the ticker symbol in Global FX markets that represents how many Japanese Yen you can buy with one US dollar. USDJPY is one of the world’s major currency pairs according to the Bank for International Settlements and represents 17% percent of total daily volume on forex trading markets. The factors that affect the value of the pair are the economic policy by the Japanese and U.S. governments and central banks, but also economic conditions and other economic indicators like unemployment, imports, exports, etc. However, a key driver is risk sentiment and there is a good negative correlation between stock markets and the Japanese Yen in the short term. The JPY is sensitive to risk sentiment as it is a so-called funding currency. The pair is very popular among traders because of the high liquidity and tight spreads.

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CFTC Positioning Report: USD Longs, CHF Shorts Drop Off

The latest CFTC Commitment of Traders Report shows that the net long positions on the USD fell moderately last week; the first weekly fall since mid-June. The highlights of the report for the week ended on August 13 are presented below.   Safe haven demand that has pervaded the markets [...]

US Retail Sales Rise 0.7% vs. 0.3% Consensus, DXY Up to 98

The US Retail Sales and Philly Fed Manufacturing Index data came out better than the market expected for the month of July. While the Retail Sales figure was registered at 0.7% as against the 0.3% that the market was expecting, the Core Retails Sales figure (i.e. retail sales ex-auto sales) [...]

Risk Sentiment Wanes on New US-China Trade Woes

The risk-on sentiment which hit the market after the agreement in principle to postpone the tariff regime on electronic components from China seems to have worn off Thursday as China has accused the US of reneging on the agreement with a new 10% tariff. Gold is starting to receive safe-haven [...]
USDJPY: Yen Safe Haven Status Attracts Bids

USDJPY: Yen Safe Haven Status Attracts Bids

USDJPY trades 0.04% lower at 105.24 close to 16 month lows having hit the daily low at 105.11. Japan July preliminary machine tool orders came in at -33.0% (y/y) versus -37.9% previous reading. Risk off sentiment drives the pair as investors turn to safe haven assets such as yen and [...]