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The Norwegian krone was first issued in 1875 when Norway replaced its initial currency, the speciedaler. The country also then joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union with Denmark and Sweden. During this time, the krone was pegged to the gold standard with 2,480 kroner equivalent to 1 kilogram of gold.

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However, with the outbreak of World War I, the monetary union was dissolved and each country took on their own respective currencies.

What is USDNOK?

USDNOK is the financial symbol which refers to the spot exchange rate of the US dollar and the Norwegian Krone.

The NOK was pegged to the US dollar in 1939 and soon after, to the Reichsmark during World War II. It was later re-pegged to the British pound before allowing the Norwegian krone to float freely in 1992. It has been managed by its central bank called the Norges Bank or the Norges Bank.

Just like any currency, the USDNOK rate tends to be sensitive to central bank announcements as well as to economic data. Norway is known to be one of the most stable economies in Europe. With its credibility, the Norwegian krone tends to attract currency flows when there are concerns about the eurozone. Case in fact is when the NOK rose to its highest levels against the region’s shared currency in 2013 following the eurozone debt crisis. EURNOK reached an all-time low at 7.24 NOK. During this time, USDNOK also hit multi-year lows at 5.43 NOK.

Aside from being an alternative investment to the euro, the Norwegian krone shares a positive relationship to the price of crude oil. This is because aside from Norway’s primary industries, namely: shipping, hydroelectric power, fishing and manufacturing sectors, the country is also the largest oil exporter in Western Europe. Higher prices of oil is assumed to be beneficial to the Norwegian economy because it would translate to higher incomes from producing the commodity.

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The USDNOK continues to remain under pressure as a result of the stellar performance of the Norwegian Krone and underperformance of the greenback. A lot of the NOK’s strength this month has been crude oil-related.  Today, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate reports that Norway’s crude oil output dropped to 1.54 million […]