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Rolls-Royce Share Price Could Soar to 107p After Strong GE Earnings

The Rolls-Royce share price tilted higher on Tuesday as investors remained optimistic about the aviation sector. The RR stock also rose after the relatively positive quarterly results from General Electric. It ended the day at 98.27p, which was about 13% above the lowest level this month. Rolls-Royce news. The biggest […]

How High Will the Rolls-Royce Share Price Be in 5 Years?

The Rolls-Royce share price has lagged its industrial peers in the past decade. For example, the RR stock has barely moved in the past 12 months. In the same period, the Safran and General Electric stock prices have risen by 26% and 80%, respectively. The same trend has continued this […]


Rolls-Royce Share Price is Bleeding. It Could Get Worse

The Rolls-Royce share price has underperformed recently. RR stock opened on Monday by crashing by more than 2.30% as the shares fell to the lowest level since February this year. It has also crashed by more than 30% from its highest level this year. This mean that it is in […]

Rolls-Royce Share Price is 73.6% Undervalued. Is it a Buy?

The Rolls-Royce share price is in a steeep freefall as investors react to the rising number of coronavirus cases around the world. The RR stock is trading at 96.30p, which is 4.7% below the highest point on Monday and 15.2% below the highest point last week. The shares have also […]

Rolls Royce Share Price in Slow March Towards 110p

Plane engine maker Rolls Royce continues to diversify its primary revenue base and into the production of systems that promote cleaner energy. Rolls Royce share price has stalled after four days of gains, even as the UK PM has lifted several lockdown restrictions and vaccinated travellers get set to kick […]