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Ojamu is bridging the world of digital marketing with blockchain and NFTs.

The world of advertisement is begging for a change. Studies demonstrate that advertising is becoming increasingly more intrusive and obnoxious. Internet users are unsatisfied by a large number of repetitive and intrusive ads. 

Consumers are also displeased by the way companies collect and use their personal data without their acknowledgement. That is why a growing group of individuals proactively avoid advertisement, either by using ad blockers or choosing ad-free media experiences. 

Fortunately, certain marketing companies are aware of this issue and are trying different approaches. One of those companies is Ojamu, a novel Martech company that recently raised 1.7 Million to combine blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create the ultimate marketing service.

A beacon of hope in advertising

Ojamu can keep data stored in a decentralized manner. Information is distributed across different nodes instead of a single server, which is always kept safe and accessible. In doing so, Ojamu helps prevent the persistent threat of data privacy leaks, which has cost advertising agencies a total of $42 billion just last year. 

Blockchain, together with A.I, further improves business practices by automating several processes and helping cut down on operational costs. The A.I. created by the Ojamu team can generate unique leads no human can, powering brands with the most efficient marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Ojamu has also strategically leveraged NFTs and came up with a unique use case for them. NFTs will be used as “keys”, offering users access to Ojamu’s proprietary A.I. and a set of intelligent marketing tools. 

Finally, Ojamu will leverage Polkadot blockchain capabilities to ensure the best performance and scalability for its services. The cross-chain technology offered by Polkadot will also enable all of Ojamu’s services to be made available in several leading blockchains ecosystems.