NAGA Markets to Sponsor the Founder Summit in Germany

NAGA Markets will be the main sponsor for the upcoming Founder Summit in Germany which starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. 

Founder summit in Germany

The Founder Summit is the biggest gathering of German and international entrepreneurs. It is an event that typically has over 7,000 attendants and over 80 speakers in all industries.

NAGA Group, the parent company of Naga Markets and SwipeStox, will be the main sponsor of the event. Other top sponsors for the event will be companies like SAP, Clark, CE Digital, Logical Lemon, and Amazon among others.

The two-day event will feature talks by some of the best-known entrepreneurs in Europe. Among them will be Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, and Gerold Wolfarth, the founder of bk Group. 

NAGA Group founder, Benjamin Bilski, will also be a keynote speaker. In his speech, titled ‘From 0 to $500 million – My Key Learnings’ he will talk about how he built the company. NAGA has grown to become the only publicly traded broker in Germany. It has a market cap of over 61 million euros.

Sascha Wankowski, the company’s Business Development Manager, will also attend the event to interact with current and potential customers.

NAGA has a long history of event sponsorships. Two months ago, it was the leading sponsor of iFX Expo, a leading B2B event for companies in the financial markets industry.

NAGA Markets growth continuing

NAGA Markets is a fast-growing forex and CFD broker that offers services around the world. It provides over 1,000 assets in its platform and over 1 million registered accounts. The number of active users rose to 27,449 in 2021 while the average revenue per user rose to 2,000 euros.

In 2021, the company facilitated transactions worth over 250 billion euros and made 55 million euros in 2021.

In addition to its social trading platform, NAGA recently launched NAGAX, a cryptocurrency wallet with an inbuilt NFT platform. It also launched NAGA Neo-Bank, a platform that lets people sa