Binance Ups the Tempo on the World Cup With Great Rewards

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is almost here, and to celebrate, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched a brand-new online challenge where football fans can compete for a portion of a phenomenal prize pool. Over 1 million dollars worth of tokens, special edition NFTs, and VIP club experiences, including player meet and greets and locker room tours, will be up for grabs.

Binance has teamed up with some of the best teams in the world to give their fans the best possible experiences. These teams include S.S. Lazio, FC Porto, Santos FC, and the Formula One racing outfit BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Learn the ropes and get in on Binance’s football action.

The launch of Binance’s “Football Fever 2022” on November 7 intends to unite a global community of sports and football fans who share a common interest. It’s easy to get involved and cheer on your team of choice; all you have to do is claim your free NFT Passport and predict the results of forthcoming games. Starting on November 7th, users may start redeeming their NFT Passports and cheering on their favourite teams until the end of the global football extravaganza on December 18th.

The game is the first of its kind to use blockchain technology to power a Web3 fan experience. This not only gives players the opportunity to win prizes but also gives them access to unique NFTs and VIP events. Fans may make the event even more memorable by inviting their friends to the game and challenging them to join in on the celebration.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to register for an account on Binance in order to take part in the game. Furthermore, the Binance app allows players to join in the fun as well. Every day, anyone with a valid NFT passport and an active Binance account can participate in a daily guessing competition with three chances to guess.