Zeeve Now Supports Avalanche Subnets

Zeeve, a web3 infrastructure automation platform, has integrated Avalanche Subnets, a unique blockchain solution for apps that allows anyone to build an L1 chain tailored to their needs, into its platform. Avalanche subnets don’t have to share their resources with other apps, and they have very high scalability. Also, they are fully compatible with the rest of the Avalanche ecosystem.

To add to this, subnets make it simple for developers to pre-compile and deploy customized versions of the network’s parameters and structure. An Avalanche node deployment at the enterprise level will help in seamless communication around the clock. Also, it comes with the advantage of a high degree of scalability for businesses.

Zeeve and its unique place in the developer world

Zeeve’s web3 infrastructure automation platform allows for simple, secure, reliable, and scalable subnet deployment and management. AWS, GCP, MS Azure, and DO are just some of the popular cloud services that it works with. Whitelisting with Avalanche MainNet and Fuji TestNet are only two examples of how Zeeve facilitates a cross-cloud deployment architecture for validator and non-validator nodes.

Subnets require a high degree of technical knowledge and continuous maintenance headaches to set up. Developers seeking adaptability, scalability, and security in their work will find that Avalanche subnets provide a number of benefits. Also, the ability of subnets to operate with their own tokenomics, including token generation events and fee markets, is a major perk. This opens the door to a wide variety of applications and adaptable ecosystems.

Including advanced analytics and network/node monitoring, Zeeve is compatible with more than 30 different public and private blockchain protocols. Subnets, on the other hand, are neutral when it comes to virtual machines. Therefore, it allows enterprises to tailor virtual machines to their needs. Currently, Zeeve is the deployment and management solution of choice for over 15,000 developers. It has a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that may be used to develop dApps for a wide range of business purposes.

Avalanche provides a public, programmable, and decentralized platform for smart contracts. It enables the development of dApps that are compatible with the Solidity platform in a fast and low-cost manner. Also, in terms of time to finality, this smart contracts platform is among the fastest in the blockchain industry.