The Howling Wolves Announces Launch of Its First NFT Collection

The Howling Wolves NFT, an NFT collection platform, has released its first collection of NFTs. Wolves and their leader Laycaon are depicted in its design. In the Howling Wolves’ hierarchy, Lycaon’s first students are the most powerful. It’s easy to identify the Howling Wolves apart because to their numerous distinguishing traits.

The attire, face, eyes, and body type of each Howling Wolf are unique. You can differentiate the Howling Wolves  aristocracy by their flamboyant attire, brightly colored hats, and exotic-material gloves. Symbols of their affluence include scepters, diamonds, and works of art from historical periods.

Depending on their status, they can be found in a variety of residences and settings, each with their own unique set of belongings and trinkets. The majority of these are in luxury vacation locations, museums, and historic landmarks, where they can relax and recharge. They tend to wear more conventional attire, such as suits and ties or the typical streetwear prevalent in most major urban centers.

What’s in the pipeline for Howling Wolves?

NFT collection creation and website development and community building are the first steps in the project’s first phase. After that comes the presentation of the Howling Wolves NFTs and the unveiling of the rare items. Thereafter, there will be a giveaway on Discord. The subsequent step involves the minting of Howling Wolves NFTs by the community. The initiative will begin minting NFTs and paying royalties to Howling Wolves holders in this phase. Early adopters will also be eligible for royalties.

In the last phase, floor price sales and burning will take place on the secondary market. Staking platform Howling Wolves NFT allows users to digitize and list NFTs for auction or direct sale, as well as to track their progress. Staking rewards and NFT trading platforms are just two of the features of this project aimed at improving NFTs.