Maiar Wallet Reaches Another Milestone

Maiar wallet, running on the Elrond network, has just hit another milestone, as they just integrated Bitcoin into their Maiar wallet.

Users of the Maiar wallet can now earn, store and transact with Bitcoin using unique usernames known as @herotags. No two @herotags are the same: they are unique to each user. The use of @herotags abolishes the need to use the conventional wallet addresses, which utilize a string of alphanumeric characters.

Suppose you are one of those who have lost funds after typing an alphanumeric string with a single misplaced character when sending cryptos. You will be best placed to appreciate the world of good that @herotags brings to the table.

The @herotags on the Maiar wallet will not replace the existing address strings but will complement them. Creating a new Maiar Wallet account presents the user with a @herotag, BTC. ETH and BNB addresses and an eGold address.

With the Maiar wallet already notching up 40% of its billion-user target in four months, the Bitcoin integration will provide another channel for users to access fast, private, and secure BTC transactions. 

In February, the Maiar Wallet was launched as a private, inexpensive and secure means to send and receive payments via mobile. With a capacity to handle 100,000 transactions per second, the Maiar wallet is well-primed to become the fastest Bitcoin-transacting wallet at the moment.

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