Sologenic Price Prediction: SOLO To Hit $1?

Our Sologenic price prediction suggests that a major bullish move could be around the corner. SOLO is the native asset of the Sologenic ecosystem. The protocol tokenizes the derivatives and other legacy financial products on the Ripple Ledger. Currently, the Sologenic coin is trading at $0.587 and 91% down from its Dec 2021 all-time high of $6.55.

After dipping to the lows of $0.33 in March 2022, the coin soared to the heights of $0.67 in April. However, many people took started selling at those levels to realize their profits. Consequently, SOLO price is facing a correction once again. 

Latest Sologenic news 

Ripple holders have received the Sologenic airdrop of 100 million SOLO tokens. Many centralized exchanges like Binance have also distributed the airdropped tokens to their users. As per the latest Sologenic news, the protocol has deployed the first cross-chain bridge between XRPL and BSC. This has opened a new door to more DeFi opportunities for SOLO holders. The coin’s listing on major exchanges could really make Sologenic price prediction very bullish. 

As described earlier, Sologenic provides on-demand tokenization of ETFs, Equities, derivatives, etc. Hence the users can trade and hold these products on the blockchain without any conventional broker. Sologenic DEX is also live, allowing users to swap between different cryptocurrencies 24/7. Coreum is a layer one platform under development by the project team. SOLO holders would receive Coreum airdrop in the form of 20% Core tokens based on 13 snapshots in 2022. 

Sologenic Price Prediction 

Technical analysis of Sologenic price chart shows that the coin is trading is breaking out of the symmetrical wedge. The SOLO coin could really skyrocket if it reclaims the 0.63 region. Nevertheless, if the price breaks downwards, the $0.50 might become critical. At the time of writing, the Sologenic coin is trading at $0.587. 

The SOLO crypto price could soar if the upwards breakout gets confirmed. In such a scenario, $0.71 could be the level to watch. Any daily close above this level could make $1 Sologenic price prediction a reality. The $0.71 level perfectly aligns with the 0.618 Fib level. This comes into play when connecting January 2022 highs to the March 2022 lows.

SOLOUSD Price Chart

Sologenic Price Chart