Pooky, the Web3 Sports Prediction Platform to Release Beta Game

On November 16, 2022, Pooky, the soon-to-be-released gamified Web3 sports prediction platform, will launch the public beta test for its free-to-play version of the game. The highly anticipated game’s free-to-play beta launch will occur just in readiness for the FIFA World Cup, which will begin a few days later on November 20 and continues for the duration of the competition.

Pooky and Web3 play-to-earn sports prediction

Pooky is determined to revolutionize sports betting, beginning with football. The latest update was announced after the October 21 closed alpha release of Pooky, which was met with widespread acclaim. Members of the public beta testing phase will be on a whitelist for the private sale of Genesis Pookyball (NFTs) in January 2023.

In the first public beta, gamers can try out the game for free and begin working toward earning in-game rewards. Pookyball NFTs are the main focus of the prediction game. With each Pookyball, the owner gains access to the prediction competition. Players can forecast outcomes of major football competitions like the FIFA World Cup, the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, and Spain’s La Liga. In its first release, Pooky will only be supporting football. In 2023 though, the company hopes to expand into other sports like tennis, basketball, and Formula 1.

Pooky does not give out tokens for doing nothing, unlike play-to-earn games, which ensures there’s no surplus of tokens. Instead, players must use their skills to climb the leaderboard and earn more points. In addition to increasing the players’ chances of earning rewards, spending tokens on upgrades also burns a portion of the amount spent, giving the players more value. This creates a viable token economy that can go on for the foreseeable future.

Accurately predicting the winner, number of goals, and final score in a football game all earn players points. Also, one’s standing on the leaderboard determines whether or not one receives crypto or rare Pookyballs for being among the best. Players earn the points they have accumulated in the form of experience points(PXP). To maximize in-game rewards, players need the PXP points to level up their Pookyballs. This in turn increases their chances of scoring more points in the following prediction round.