Pi Coin Price Prediction: Is It Even A Cryptocurrency? 

In this article, we’ll be taking a shot at Pi coin price prediction. Pi network app has spread like a wildfire among Gen Z in the last two years. Most people are stacking up their Pi coins hoping that they will be worth something in the future. Many of these people are inspired by the stories of early Bitcoin holders. Therefore, they reckon that the Pi network might make them a similar fortune one day. However, anyone familiar with the definition of a cryptocurrency could tell that Pi is anything but a cryptocurrency. 

How Much is Pi Coin Worth? 

Dr Nicolas Kikkalis and Dr Chengdiao Fan started the project in 2019. Both founders are Stanford PhDs which generated a lot of hype, and Pi network app went viral among mobile users. As per the recent announcement from the team, the project has already onboarded 33 million users. These users include android and iOS app users. In addition, the platform also incentivizes users who invite their friends.

Pi Coin Founders

Any Pi network price prediction is too soon to predict as there is no information available on the circulating supply. Many new investors even consider it stock as Pi coin stock price is still trending on search engines. The project aims to disrupt crypto mining by providing an environmentally friendly alternative without any use of physical resources. Users have to log in to the mobile app and claim their Pi coins every day. However, this doesn’t make Pi a cryptocurrency as it’s not based on a blockchain like Bitcoin yet. 

Pi Coin Price Prediction 

Currently, Pi coin is only available on the Pi network application, and it is not trading on any exchanges. As per the team, the project mainnet would be live very soon. At the time of writing, Pi Network coins are not liquid as users cannot transfer them to each other. This could change after the launch of mainnet. 

An average user can mine around 20 Pi coins every day. Considering the fact that Pi app has been live for a couple of years, billions of coins could have been already mined. Moreover, these users might sell their stashes as soon as they become liquid. Therefore, all the ambitious Pi coin price predictions you are expecting could go straight out the window.  

Pi Network Poll

Nobody knows the total coins mined to date or the current price of Pi coin. If this figure turns out to be billions, you shouldn’t keep your hopes high. While $1 might not be possible immediately, a couple of cents valuation couldn’t be ruled out.