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Launchpads Give Crypto Investors a Bear Market Boost

We may be in a bear market, but no one seems to have told the growing subset of investors eager to get in on the most exciting and upcoming projects in Web3. After all, the early bird catches the worm, which explains why savvy investors are looking to crypto launchpads to find promising projects before they become more widely known and available. 

Launchpads have hit a purple patch lately, and almost every big crypto project offers a platform that provides their communities with early access to new projects. The interest in launchpads is not a surprise because the best projects can benefit by encouraging developers to build new applications on their blockchain, boosting their adoption in the process. This is why launchpads have become so popular, even as the crypto market continues on its downward spiral. Almost every week, some of the biggest and best-known launchpads in the business pitch new projects in areas such as DeFi, GameFi and the metaverse, and knowledgeable investors embrace them. 

There are good reasons for people to take part in launchpads. As opposed to the dodgy days of “initial coin offerings”, where investors were forced to do their own research to understand the value of the project, launchpads do much of the vetting beforehand. For example, before a project is listed on UpLift DAO‘s launchpad, the new project’s founders, use case, and technology will be heavily scrutinised to ensure it is a suitable solution. This kind of water-tight due diligence is crucial in Crypto because one of the most significant risks for early crypto backers is the danger of a so-called “rug pull”, where the masterminds of a project simply grab the cash and disappear over the horizon. 

In addition to due diligence, UpLift DAO only requires a small stake of just 100 $LIFT tokens, approximately $10 at the current rate, for you to get involved. So not only are its projects more accessible, but investors can put more of their cash into them as they’re not required to tie up large amounts of their capital. Making UpLift a breath of fresh air at a time when many investors have less money to spend.

UpLift prides itself on this easy access to early investment opportunities. Compared to some of the mainstream launchpads, where investors are required to stake a considerable amount of the platform’s native tokens, thus setting the barrier of entry too high for most retail investors.

There are other reasons to consider UpLift DAO too. As the name suggests, UpLift DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation governed by its community. Members are free to propose and vote on new projects they feel might be worthy of its launchpad. 

UpLift also encourages growth through its unique referral program that pays out rewards in $LIFT tokens every time a user refers someone new who later takes part in one of its launches. 

Many investors feel that UpLift’s offering is a safer bet because it supports its projects and community. Besides heavily marketing the projects, UpLift gives the project’s founders access to its network of developers and influencers. These people are investors themselves and therefore have every reason to help support the project. This kind of network effect can improve a project’s chances of success. 

The success of the multi-award-winning launchpad UpLift DAO is no surprise. By providing benefits around safety and accessibility for investors, plus lots of support around project development, UpLift helps build communities of loyal followers with a vested interest in the project’s success. In addition, when most established tokens are in freefall, UpLift is helping smart investors navigate the storm by identifying projects with real value and providing a low barrier to entry.