IMPT Token Sale Nets $20M Ahead of Exchange Listings

The Impact Project is expected to have a big week as its IMPT Token starts being listed in exchanges after the successful presale. As such, token holders will be holding their breath as they observe whether their investments will have yielded positive results or not. So, will the IMPT price rise or fall after being listed by exchanges?

IMPT latest news

The most recent IMPT news was that the Impact Project completed its presale on Monday. It sold over 1 million tokens, raising more than $20 million. The fundraising was still below what the team was anticipating. According to their plans, they were to sell 1.26 million tokens and raise $25.9 million.

Still, based on the current state of the market, we believe that the fundraising was actually a success. For one, cryptocurrency prices have recoiled in the past few months, with investors shedding over $2 trillion worth of value this year. Bitcoin has collapsed to about $15,000. Further, investors who have allocated money to presales have actually lost substantial amount of money this year. Therefore, raising $20 million should be hailed as a success.

The next important IMPT news will be the upcoming exchange listings. Since it is unclear which exchanges will list the token this week, an AMA with Denis Creighton, the platform’s founder, will shed more color on it. IMPT will be listed in exchanges on Tuesday, December 13.

What is the Impact Project?

So, what is IMPT, and will it be a good buy? As I wrote last week, IMPT is a blockchain project that seeks to improve the carbon credits industry. For starters, carbon credits are funds that companies and some individuals pay to offset their carbon emissions. 

For example, a company like ExxonMobil which emits thousands of tons of carbon every day can pay to offset these emissions. It can pay an organization that grows trees or one that produces clean energy to do that. 

However, experts believe that these offsets are a big rip-off and don’t work well. Therefore, IMPT hopes to solve the challenge using blockchain technology. According to the website, IMPT will also introduce a green NFT marketplace to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits. 

IMPT price prediction

Each IMPT token price will start trading at $0.023 when it goes live on Tuesday. In my view, I suspect that its price will fall as presale token holders start to exit their positions. Besides, the crypto market is struggling, with most coins being in the red. Historically, the best time to list a token or even a stock is when markets are doing well. We see that all the time in the stock market where companies postpone their IPOs when the market is not doing well.