Myria Teams With AB de Villiers For Play and Earn Cricket Game

South Africa’s legendary cricket superstar AB de Villiers has joined forces with the Myria blockchain gaming company. As part of the deal, de Villliers will use Myria’s infrastructure to develop a mobile cricket game. To replicate the exhilaration of playing cricket on a field, this game will only be available on mobile devices. By joining forces, one of the world’s most enthusiastic sports communities can use their passion for the game and their deep knowledge of cricket to better themselves and have more fun on the pitch.

What’s the end game?

For the first time, a well-known cricketer has lent his support to a blockchain game that uses NFTs and blockchain play-and-earn structures. For his exploits in cricket, AB de Villiers has earned the title “the GOAT”, or the greatest batsman of all time, by the Indian Premier League (IPL). There are other motivations for players to engage in the game besides earning money, according to the development team. Ultimately, with over 2.5 billion cricket lovers around the world, the game hopes to expose millions of them to the world of blockchain gaming.

Myria and AB de Villiers want blockchain gaming to be more of a social experience than a money-making venture, unlike many blockchain games. In order to build a sense of community and excitement around the game, the game seeks to make players feel truly thrilled about playing. Founded in 2021, Myria is a blockchain gaming platform that strives to bring the best, most engaging and widest variety of blockchain games to reality. Besides developing its own AAA free-to-play products, Myria also provides a full-stack solution for partner companies to construct their games within the Myria ecosystem.

The game’s goal is to get people enthused about playing and to foster a community around it.  AB de Villiers stated, “My cricket game will be fun and exciting just like a match on the field, but it will also be equitable and empower digital asset ownership. Myria shares my commitment and together we will bring new cricket experiences to my fans.”