Matt Damon and Partner with to Bring Safe Water to People in Need, a rapidly expanding crypto platform, collaborates with, a global non-profit organization that provides clean water and sanitation to people, and Matt Damon. has promised to donate $1M to the charity supporting their mission and plans to start programmes to encourage over 10M users globally to support the charity. and believe in equality in accessing the resources and platforms that support self-determination. 

It takes innovative companies and smart solutions to solve some of the world’s greatest social challenges, like universal access to safe water,”

Co-Founder of Matt Damon said

As our financial solutions and platforms evolve, we can use them for good. and are both working toward positive transformation, and our innovative, financial solutions will help change lives and the world.”

He further added.

We are very proud to be working alongside Matt Damon and to directly support their mission while also encouraging crypto users across the globe to join us in this effort. The success and true potential of cryptocurrency will only come to pass when the greatest number of people have access to the tools needed to be in full control of our own lives, finances, and futures.” 

Co-Founder and CEO of, Kris Marszalek, said

Crypto. Com created a crypto card which is a visa card that links the traditional finance world with crypto making it a readily available way for new clients to tap into the future of finance.

The firm is committed to bringing crypto into the mainstream based on the belief that crypto can give people control over their data, identity, and money, allowing them to control their financial freedom and self-determination.

Crypto. Com is focused on being regulated in every market it operates to help accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrency. 

The company is targeting to be a carbon-negative business by the end of 2022 to address the climate crisis.