LUNA Joins Nexo’s Portfolio Of Assets

Nexo just announced that LUNA will be joining its portfolio of assets. Users will now be able to swap, borrow against, earn and buy LUNA on Nexo in record time. Users will earn up to 8% interest on their holdings to be paid out daily.

 LUNA is used to stabilize the price of the stablecoins hosted on the Terra blockchain protocol.

Investors can swap their LUNA on the NEXO exchange and receive an immediate cash back equal to the value of their LUNA. LUNA holders can also borrow against their holdings at low-interest rates starting at 0% APR.

How to Buy LUNA on Nexo

You can instantly buy LUNA on Nexo by logging in to your Nexo wallet, adding your bank details and proceeding to buy the asset. This is a pretty straightforward process that can be used by virtually everyone interested in owning LUNA. 

You can buy LUNA as a market pair on Nexo, which offers the following LUNA pairs:  LUNA/USDC, LUNA/USDT, LUNA/BTC, LUNA/USDх, LUNA/BNB, LUNA/EURх, and LUNA/GBPх.

Nexo clients will have access to LUNA after the initial launch and can only add the token to their Nexo wallets by purchasing it on the Nexo Exchange. The Nexo team is working hard to add other features including withdrawals and top-ups for its clients interested in LUNA. 

Earn Interest on LUNA

You can earn interest on your LUNA holdings via Nexo’s Earn Crypto Interest program, allowing them to grow their wealth securely on Nexo’s platform. Users only need to top up their LUNA holdings and they will automatically start earning interest (passive income). 

Borrow Cash Against Your LUNA

LUNA holders can use Nexo’s Instant Crypto, Credit Line, to borrow cash or stablecoins at significantly low rates by using their LUNA as collateral. Nexo’s Gold and Platinum tier clients can get interest rates as low as 0% APR using their LUNA holdings.

Nexo’s borrowing limits start at $50 and rise up to $2 million and do not require any credit checks. Furthermore, users’ credit requests are instantly processed and approved.  You can choose to pay off your loan fully or partially.