and LootMogul Partner To Bring Unique Web 3 Products and LootMogul have teamed up to build Web3 and metaverse platforms that could challenge the status quo. Assets from are luxury, gravity-defying, and may be used in a variety of metaverses. LootMogul, on the other hand, offers a blockchain-based multiverse gaming platform that engages and immerses sports influencers and fans alike.

What Landz and LootMogul partnership brings to users

The team at Landz is planning to showcase 5000 houses, 1500 museums, and 500 headquarters on July 24th, 2022. LootMogul, on the other hand, is a sports metaverse run by athletes. It’s driven by blockchain games, NFTs, virtual real estate, and real-world prizes.

To get things rolling, members of the Landz club will have access to 100 land parcels located in and around LootMogul’s arenas. Anyone who buys a Landz NFT receives access to the club’s land to deploy their resources. In addition to this, at least 50 celebrities from the LootMogul community will have the opportunity to become Landz owners.

With this partnership, there are a myriad of benefits. Members can develop and own their own sports metaverses. Also, they can populate them with real-world professional athletes from leagues like NBA, MLS, NFL, and MLB, among others. NFT Founders Club NFT members enjoy Fan Seat benefits. This includes allowing their avatars to join the global game and compete against others. In addition, ticket holders will get VIP access to the stadium’s live events and exclusive access to events and products in the real world.

Members can also use the LootMogul metaverse to promote their own brands. In addition to gaining access to millions of sports fans around the world, members of the metaverse can host their own live events. You can generate additional cash by renting out brand space NFTs at high-profile events. If you don’t intend to use your branding space to promote your own business, this provides you with a steady source of cash.