Gains Network Just Got Listed On DeFiLlama

The Gains network, a decentralized trading exchange, has just been listed on DeFiLlama, while its gTrade platform has now processed over $1B trading volume since the launch of its v5 two months ago.

In comparison, the PERP protocol processed $4.8 billion in traded volume despite being valued 24 times more than Gains. CAP on the Arbitrum network processed $348M of volume, yet its valuation is 2.26 times greater than GNS.  

Is high leverage driving bussiness to Gains? 

The Gains network is unique because it offers over 150 times leverage for cryptocurrency trades and up to 1000 times leverage for forex trading. Due to the high leverage, no competitor comes close to Gains. The Gains architecture enables it to list any Forex, Crypto, commodity, index, or stock with ease. Gains are the sole polygon-based decentralised platform offering high leverage to its clients.

Users from all over the world

Gains does not have any restrictions on users from any part of the world, thanks to being entirely decentralised. In the coming year, Gains plans to add more stocks, indices and commodities, and then start using a liquidity model owned by a protocol. In addition, there are plans to reward users who stake GNS and DAI individually, then start the protocol on a ZK roll-up solution which might be on polygon because of the existing relationship.

Gains has secured its network to avoid being hacked by working with two independent partners who privately host the front end of the programme and the backend. The Gains network is currently working on a decentralised server network to be the sole host.

The Gains network prides itself on being more decentralised than its competitors. Because of its commitment to decentralisation, there was no private sale for the token, as the community framed all tokens. 75% of the earnings gained by the platform is used on LPs, the project’s wallet and stakers.

Governance is the only part that is not decentralised because the project is still young, and developers need access to the contract to fix any bugs and upgrade the platform. Gains intends to stabilise the platform in early 2022 then include on-chain governance.