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Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Revuto NFT Sale

Revuto’s latest announcement indicates they will launch a new NFT project that will make it easy for users to manage their subscriptions next week. The announcement comes a few weeks after the platform partnered with Cardahub to launch its marketplace for Revuto NFTs. According to reports, the sale of the NFTs project is expected to start on Monday, July 11 at 12 PM CET. I took a look at what the NFT sale will entail, and below is everything you need to know.

What Is the New Revuto NFT Project About?

Since its founding, Revuto has been a leading force in the subscription industry, helping its clients manage multiple subscriptions with ease and save money. However, even with its revolutionary digital subscription management, the platform has continued to improve its services by coming up with new ways to serve its clients.

The latest NFT project is a good example of how Revuto has continued to be innovative in helping its users manage their subscriptions easily. The NFT project involves lifelong digital subscriptions to the Netflix and Spotify services via the Revulution NFT. You can learn more about the launch on Revuto’s official page linked here.

The idea behind the NFT crops from the fact that most subscribers chose long-term subscriptions because they are cost-effective and do not require a lot of your time. However, in most cases, these users only use a fraction of their subscriptions. For instance, a user may subscribe to a yearly package of Netflix, and six months later, they are no longer using the service. Unfortunately, in such cases, the subscription service is not going to slash your rate or refund the unspent amount. Instead, you will be stuck with your subscriptions until the period runs out. There is also a high likelihood that, by the time your subscription is over, you will have forgotten about it, resulting in a renewal of the service, and hence the cycle continues.

This is where the latest Revulution NFT by Revuto comes in. The NFTs will help you monetize the subscriptions you no longer use. The NFT project will also help you buy any subscription for any period and get a discount. The bought NFT will always have a value higher than the subscription period left. Therefore, in case you do not want to use the subscription again, you can sell the NFT to another user, who can continue enjoying the subscription service until the NFT expires (the subscription period ends).

How Is the Platform Able to Do This?

So far, we have looked at how you can be able to sell the NFT project of the subscription services you no longer use, and chances are, you are wondering how this is all possible. Well, the NFT holders will be receiving a Revuto Virtua Debit Card to subscribe to that service. It is Revuto which will be topping up the card, allowing for easy management of the subscription service. 

The platform will continue topping up the virtual card until there is no subscription period left. At that point, the NFT will expire and the subscription or the NFT project cannot be resold again.

In cases where a user has bought an NFT and used its subscription services, but along the way has gotten tired of the subscription service, they will be able to sell the NFT to other users. The users who receive the NFT will now be the ones receiving top-ups. They will also receive a new virtual debit card until the NFT expires. 

The best part of this new type of NFT is that users will also have a dashboard to track an NFT and see the period before it expires. Users of the NFTs will be able to save money. They will also be able to participate in one of the fastest-growing ecosystems and familiarize themselves with NFTs. Revuto, being a market leader in subscription management, is also well equipped to help users start, close, and manage all types of subscriptions, and not just for Netflix or Spotify. Therefore, I expect the July 11 launch of the Revulution NFT to be among the top events of the year in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry.