Drunk Robots Raises $METAL Rewards to Incentivize Users

Drunk Robots, a comical P2E game, has inked partnerships with several prominent P2E leagues and increased the quarterly Arena prize to more than $50,000, which is equivalent to 5 million METAL. Also, there’s a new tweak in the game’s economics to keep player involvement high: players must participate in at least five battles each day to retain the fastest $METAL farming pace.

A play-to-win game, Drunk Robots operates on BSC. In the game, when robots invade a metropolis full of drunk, junky robots, it’s up to players to save it and take back control. The game has already amassed more than 100K followers on social media platforms. This is a significant accomplishment for a P2E game that has not yet released its IDO.

Animoca Brands, a well-known portfolio company that holds the rights to The Sandbox and numerous other game brands, has backed Drunk Robots on an institutional level, which bodes well for the future of the company. Merit Circle, DAO Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Gate.io, and Shima Capital are among the other major investors.

How to win METAL and other Drunk Robot assets

Drunk Robots has a far higher payoff than most P2E games on BSC, which often give relatively little prizes. It held token sales on TrustPad, GameFi, and Liqudifty in April 2022. It proved to be a great success, selling 25,000,000 $METAL worth $250,000 in less than an hour on each platform.

Players compete against one other to win a share of the 5 million METAL tokens and other assets. If a player doesn’t like their opponent, he or she can pay $METAL to have the opponent re-rolled. Drunk Robots has gangs, as well as one-on-one battles. There’s also a PvP leaderboard in the game, which is updated at the conclusion of each season. The top finishers share the leaderboard prize pool.