CleanTech Lithium Inks Deal with SunResin for DLE Plants

 CleanTech Lithium PLC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SunResin New Materials Co. Ltd, a frontrunner in the deployment of commercial-scale direct lithium extraction (DLE) operations, to further advance its projects in Chile. DLE is a greener alternative to traditional lithium extraction since it yields higher recoveries and purities. For building and running a commercial DLE plant, the two companies will discuss and negotiate the commercial obligations involved.

Chile is preparing to usher in a new constitution, which could redefine the legal dispensation for the mining industry in the country. According to CleanTech Lithium, the political stance in Chile also favours green production of lithium. Nonetheless, the company says that it has always had DLE in its strategy. Furthermore, the company’s stance is that value is not just in the form of monetary value but also in helping meet the green supply chain objectives of the various EV manufacturers.

Why SunResin appeals to CleanTech Lithium

SunResin is a publicly traded Chinese company valued at over $4 billion USD and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. To conduct the anticipated pilot scale production tests on Laguna Verde brine, the company will collaborate with CleanTech Lithium and its DLE technical partner, Beyond Lithium. Over the course of its more than a decade in business, SunResin has amassed extensive expertise in DLE. The company has completed nine commercial DLE contracts with a combined annual capacity of 73,000 tonnes of lithium.

With over 200 unique resins, SunResin’s catalog spans 25 distinct product categories. The company has more than 30 patents for these products. These products are useful to a wide variety of industries, such as mining, hydrometallurgy, water treatment, and wastewater treatment. Its recent announcement of shipment of 10,000 tons of modular DLE units from China for a 25,000 tpy lithium manufacturing plant for a project in Argentina demonstrates the company’s capacity to deliver. This occurred just five months after the contract’s signing in February 2022.

Pilot scale manufacturing will begin once CleanTech Lithium, SunResin, and Beyond Lithium finish developing their patented DLE adsorption technology. For each of the Company’s projects, commercial production target is at 10,000 tons per year in phase one. Therefore, the piloting is meant to prove that this is possible.

Aldo Boitano, CEO of CleanTech Lithium PLC, said: “We are very pleased and excited to have entered into this MoU with SunResin, the world leader in deploying commercial scale DLE plants. With their hands-on experience in implementing DLE projects, their support for CleanTech Lithium on our pilot scale production will be invaluable.”