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NFLX Q2 Earnings Preview: Netflix Expands Internationally

Netflix will report earnings on July 17, and ahead of the occasion, InvestingCube’s Nikolas Papas has prepared an overview of the streaming giant. Netflix has been expanding internationally as it struggles to increase market share in the US, and globally from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019, the firm added a staggering 24.81 million new users. Versus the S&P 500, Netflix’s share price has risen faster in the last few years, and technical analysis suggests that we might see further gains in the months ahead.

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Tesla (TSLA) Beat on Deliveries, Stock +5%

Tesla (TSLA) Beat on Deliveries, Stock +5%

Tesla is the story today as the company delivered 95,000 units, beating analysts’ expectation of 87,700, the previous delivery record was 91,000 units. Model 3 deliveries was 77,550 during the three month period, accounting for 81.5% of total units. The stock daily range is from 234.51 to 241.57 while the [...]