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Tesla Share Price Splits as EV Competition Grows

[adrotate group=”3″] The Tesla share price will begin Monday’s trading session as a $400 stock once more as the company completes a 5:1 stock split. Investors in the company at the cutoff date of August 28th will receive 5 shares for every 1 they held. The stock split marks another […]

Apple Share Price Powers Higher but Options Urge Caution

[adrotate group=”3″] The Apple share price has gone parabolic in August with a break above the price channel resistance and the stock now trades above $500. The rebound in stocks from the coronavirus panic-selling in March has been impressive, but alarm bells are ringing about the sustainability of the bullish […]

tesco share price

Tesco Share Price at Risk of Further Losses as Lockdowns Lift

[adrotate group=”3″] The Tesco share price has rallied from a July low of 210.4 to August highs near 230 but the trend has since turned, and a break of support threatens further losses as lockdowns lift. The company has recently committed to an ambitious plan to create 16,000 roles in […]

Rolls Royce Share Price Plunges on Record £5.4bn Loss

[adrotate group=”3″] Rolls Royce was down almost 8% in the first hour of trading after the company reported a record £5.4bn loss for the first half. The company has been hit hard by the grounding of airlines during Covid-19, with the company noting that flying hours for their engines were […]

Crude Oil prices

Royal Dutch Shell Share Price Probes Key Support

[adrotate group=”3″] Royal Dutch Shell shares have been on a disappointing run since a rebound rally was halted at 1554 on June 8th. The price dropped steadily into the company’s second quarter numbers, which provided no respite and the stock now trades at 1131. Although the price of oil has […]

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Barclays Share Price Sits at Key Resistance Level

[adrotate group=”3″] Barclays share price currently trades at a key resistance level as the market awaits a catalyst for the next move in the stock. The share price is now 37.5% higher from the mid-March lows in global stocks and this is outperforming the benchmark FTSE100, which is only 27% […]

Apple Share Price Soars On Stock Split, New India Online Store

[adrotate group=”3″] Apple share price continues to hit new highs after an announcement that a new online store will open in India in September 2020. According to an insider source quoted by Bloomberg News, the store will be opened just before the country’s biggest shopping season that terminates in the […]

TESLA Share Price Tests Channel Resistance Before Split

[adrotate group=”3″] The TESLA share price is testing the resistance of a channel formation as the company’s stock is set for a split at month end. The stock will split 5:1 on the 31st of August and shareholders in TESLA will receive 5 new shares for every 1 they held […]