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Blockstack Token Offering Approved by US SEC

In what may be an industry first, open-source computing platform Blockstack has just been granted regulatory approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct a token offering. This is the first time the industry will be seeing a token offering which will be subjected to the same scrutiny [...]
Bitcoin Breaks Above 13,000

Bitcoin Breaks Above 13,000

Βitcoin (BTCUSD) continues north for one more day adding 3.78 percent at 13,011. Bitcoin capitalization stands above 231 billion while the market capitalization of the top 100 cryptocurrencies also decreased to 355 billion, todays volume is at 26B. Bitcoin (BTC) represents over 57 percent of cryptos value so it is [...]
Bitcoin Pierces the 10,000 Mark

Bitcoin: Pierces the 10,000 Mark

Βitcoin (BTCUSD) continues south for one more day having lost over 30% the last days, and pierces the 10,000 mark as sellers took the short term control. The daily low for BTC was at 9,685 and the daily high at 10,658. Bitcoin capitalization shrunk below 177 billion while the market [...]

Ripple’s XRP Might Reach 0.58 Per Newly Triggered Pattern

Rippel’s XRP has in the last hour tried to recompleted an ascending triangle that has been building since May 15th, and the pattern is now suggesting that if the price manages to end the day above the 0.4794 high that the price might trade much higher in the weeks ahead. Read our member-only article for free.

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