Binance’s Halloween Educational Series to Tackle Crypto Creepers

This Halloween, cryptocurrency exchange Binance will begin publishing a new educational series with the goal of dispelling some of the mystery around the Web3 ecosystem. The series removes some of the eerie aspects of crypto, making it one less thing that should worry people. Binance hopes that its new marketing push will make the cryptocurrency industry more relatable by dispelling myths and providing clearer explanations.

How Binance intends to tackle crypto creepers

The idea for this year’s Halloween-themed educational series came from the recognition that many individuals are still wary of acquiring crypto. Almost 30% of those who responded to a recent social media poll about crypto fears said that they didn’t feel like they knew enough about the topic to involve themselves. In addition, 42.8% of respondents mentioned concerns regarding the uncertainty and volatility of the market.

In this educational series, which will be broadcast on social media platforms, “Winny the Web3 Witch” will investigate the most prevalent fears within the Web3 community. People will be able to follow along on Twitter as Winny goes out on a “trick-or-treat excursion.” That will provide a platform for debunking popular misconceptions, myths, and rumours about crypto. It will focus on the top five concerns voiced by the public when asked what they dislike most about cryptocurrencies: volatility, scams, regulation, and utility.

Binance thinks it’s important to clear up some of the confusion plaguing the crypto and Web3 communities by addressing some of the most common misconceptions and anxieties people have about the sector.

In addition to the Halloween series, Binance Academy provides users with access to an extensive library of instructional resources on a variety of topics. From the fundamentals of cryptocurrency to more advanced topics like crypto portfolio management, the online academy covers it everything. Therefore, users should get ready for a fun-filled exploration of the crypto world this Halloween.