Apple Share Price Expectations Ahead of Q3 Earnings Report

Apple share price (AAPL) is down by almost 0.85% in premarket trading as investors brace for the firm’s third quarter earnings. It will release the earnings after the closing bell together with Amazon, Alphabet, and other companies.

Apple earnings preview

Apple shares have been among the best-performing in the Dow Jones. In the past three months, the shares have jumped by more than 30%, giving the firm a market cap of more than $1.3 trillion. It is the second-biggest firm in the world after Microsoft. YTD, Apple shares have climbed by more than 25%.

In the earnings release today, analysts expect that the company will do well. According to Seeking Alpha, they expect that the company’s revenue will be at $52.56 billion while the earnings per share will be at $2.07. The revenue will be lower than the $53 billion that the firm made in the same quarter in 2019. However, going by history, Apple’s earnings will be better than what analysts have predicted. As you can see, Apple tend to beat analysts forecasts in all its quarters.

Apple constantly beats Wall Street forecasts


The biggest thing that analysts will be watching is the revenue from the services sector. This is an important thing because it is what the company is banking on as the number of iPhone sales fall. Higher service revenues, even if the overall revenue slows, will see Apple share price continue to jump. Also, analysts will be watching the revenue and margins from the accessories and wearable segment.

So, is Apple stock price too cheap to ignore?

Analysts have mixed opinion about the ideal Apple share price. In a recent note, analysts at Credit Suisse increased their target from $295 to $340, which is still below the current share price. At the same time, analysts at RBC believe that the shares should be at $390. The most optimistic analysts are at Wedbush, who expect the stock to climb to $450.

AAPL share price analysts forecasts

Apple share price technical

On the daily chart, we see that Apple share price has topped at around $390. Also, we see that the shares have been in a strong upward trend in recent months. The RSI has also dropped to around 60. Also, a look at the chart shows that AAPL stock tends to make some pullbacks.

Therefore, while I believe that the long-term trend is bullish, I expect the stock to have a pullback, which could see the stock test $330, which is the previous resistance between February and March. On the flip side, a move above $400 will mean that bulls have prevailed and that the stock will continue rallying.

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Apple share price forecast

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