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The Nasdaq 100 index launched in January 1985, and represents the largest non-financial domestic and international securities per market cap listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The index is a modified capitalization-weighted index. The stocks’ weights in the index are based on their market capitalizations, with certain rules capping the influence of the largest companies. The Nasdaq 100 includes companies across all industries including biotechnology, hardware, software, telecoms, and retail/wholesale trade companies. The index does not include any financial companies. The technology sector accounts for 55% of the index’s weight followed by consumer services accounting for 25%, so it is a better proxy for the technology than any other index in the USA. 27 countries are tied to companies represented in the index.

For inclusion in the stock index, securities must be listed exclusively on a Nasdaq exchange.

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Nasdaq 100 News

Nasdaq100 Ready for a New All-Time High

Nasdaq100 managed an impressive reversal from February’s lows. It has formed an inversed head and shoulders pattern, and the market recently broke the neckline’s resistance. Since then, it formed two continuation patterns with little or no retracement in between, suggesting that it will try for the measured move in the […]

Nasdaq100 Bullish Pattern Points to a New All-Time High

The tech sector remains bullish as long as Nasdaq100 remains resilient to further downside. It recently formed a reversal pattern, an inverse head, and shoulder, which has a measured move above the recent highs. Ahead of Good Friday, the focus sits today on the ISM Manufacturing to be released in […]

nasdaq 100

NASDAQ 100: Focus on the Archegos-linked block-trade spree

Nasdaq 100 is down by 0.43% at 12,919 after Archegos Capital Management LLC’s margin call on Friday last week. The over-leveraged fund saw some of its trades make hefty losses, a situation that has impacted its prime brokers. Some of the affected investment banks include Credit Suisse, whose stocks dropped […]

Nasdaq100 Bullish Price Action – New Highs Coming?

The Nasdaq100 index bounced from yesterday’s lows, and the price action looks constructive. First, the market formed a bullish divergence with the RSI. Second, it bounced from the dynamic support given by the projected neckline of an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Third, the inverse head and shoulders itself has […]

Nasdaq100 Ready for A New All-Time High

The pandemic brought impressive strength to the Nasdaq100 index. The tech sector index benefited from the change in consumer behavior and remote working and was the first major index to reverse initial losses generated by the pandemic. Starting with the end of February, the tech sector diverged from other indices. […]

Nasdaq100 Ready to Pop to New Highs – Will the Fed Trigger the Move?

The tech index, Nasdaq100, correctly lately, especially during the month of February. However, once February ended, Nasdaq100 recovered steadily. First, it formed a triple bottom pattern. Second, the move higher resembles the second part of an inverse head and shoulders pattern, and the market now prepares to move above the […]

Nasdaq100 Reversal in Place, Time for a New All-Time High

The Nasdaq100 index appears to have bottomed recently if we judge by the fact that the market formed an inversed head and shoulders pattern and moved above a major falling trendline. At this point, the only thing that stands in the bulls’ way is the previous lower high – a […]