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38 Artists Collaborate For War-Themed Artwork Showcase At Non Fungible Conference

38 artists from across the digital art space have come together to host a mega NFT event. The event will showcase a collaborative artwork done by all 38 artists. The NFT event, officially known as “The Non-Fungible Conference” will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 4th to 5th April, 2022. The artwork is dubbed “Mariupol”. It will be a multi-layered artwork highlighting a dark moment in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The artwork will be displayed on a giant screen at the event, giving it a centre stage appearance. Proceeds from the event will go to Voices of Children to provide child victims of the war with psychological support.

The artwork is a “living” piece of art, meaning that the final appearance will depend on the owner. The artists involved include Rutger van der Tas, 0xMJ, Shinji Akhirah, Jetski, Ytje Veenstra, ROBNESS, Skeenee, Mightymoose, jivinci, crashblossom and Gary Cartlidge. Others are oficinastk, orabel, Jæn, emmavauloup, Shortcut, 8thproject, Louis16art, fabianospeziari, XERAK, abysms, carlasafe, Nino Arteiro, Magusz, dasNeves, BOOYASAN, Jose Ramos, Airco Caravan, Asianjunkies, GertJanAkerboom, LUVRworldwide, Marcotic, Niels Broszat, Tom Abbink, ejthek, Pule the dr, Sparrow, Mattia Cuttini, Miss al simpson, Angie Taylor, Agoria and Teto.

As a modern rendition of Picasso’s Guernica, this piece depicts the brutality and hardships of war through a modern lens. As a collaborative project, each artist shows a different interpretation of their personal experience of the conflict in their own unique style. The Guild, a decentralized, self-funded, and artist-led collective, supervised the creation of the artwork. The Guild facilitates international partnerships amongst artists.

 “Just like Guernica bears witness to a brutal bombing of its time, our collaborative, multi-layered artwork pictures a similar reality happening again today,” says crashbl, one of the artists involved.

About The Guild

The Guild NFT was established in 2020 as an artist-led, self-funded collective. It is on a mission to foster partnerships among artists across the globe. It operates on Ethereum and its main mission is to create powerful working partnerships among artists. Importantly, it helps artists showcase their works to wider audiences. Proceeds of their collaborative projects go to members according to a predefined distribution chart, with the largest percentage going to individual artists.

About the Non-Fungible Conference

The Non Fungible Conference is a premier digital art event led by artists. It will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 4th to 5th April, 2022. It brings together artists, developers, NFT enthusiasts and creatives for an interactive and informative engagement on a global scale. This year’s event is the first conference. It will see the attendance of over 100 artists and over 100 speakers. Also, 1500+ attendees will show up. Besides the display on giant screens, the event will also feature 3 art galleries. The galleries will provide platforms where visitors can experience a close-up interaction with art and artists.